Oyambre Natural Park, a place that represents the wealth of Cantabria

The great diversity of landscapes of this natural enclave surprises anyone. Not in vain, it is one of the places with more ecological value of all the Cantabrian coast. Located in the western part of the community of Cantabria, this park has areas of great environmental importance. From eternal dunes to dizzying cliffs. The Oyambre Natural Park has a place for all kinds of visitors.

The river that traces a labyrinth in its path

Escudo river and the Rubin reservoir in the Oyambre Natural Park

Aerial view of the Escudo river and the Rubin reservoir in the Oyambre Natural Park. | Shutterstock

This natural coastal enclave is located between the municipalities of Comillas and San Vicente de la Barquera. The Oyambre Natural Park Oyambre sums up the beauty of the Cantabrian coast in a very diverse and valuable place. It was declared a Natural Park in 1988 after years of petitions from the population of this area to protect the space. It has managed to survive the massive construction of residential areas and is now considered one of the most important natural areas in Cantabria.

The Escudo river paints an imposible labyrinth in its way to the Cantabrian Sea. Protecting it, the Rubin marshland rests in a flat land that favours the creation of estuaries. This landscape looks out of this world from above, and it is one of the most recognisable landmarks of the Oyambre Natural Park.

Cantabrian coast and Meron beach from above

View of the cliffs of the Cantabrian coast and Meron beach from above, San Vicente de la Barquera. | Shutterstock

This park hides many secrets

With an area of 57 square kilometers, this natural park includes the estuaries of the San Vicente estuary and the Rabia estuary. It offers a spectacle for the five senses, with dreamlike views such as the imposing cliffs, the sandy marshes and the beach of Meron, in the municipality of San Vicente de la Barquera. Monte Corona is also hidden in this natural place. From here, incredible views await the visitor who reaches the top.

Rabia estuary

Views of the Rabia estuary in the Oyambre Natural Park. | Shutterstock

Hawks that cross the sky and defy gravity, reptiles that draw their way in the sand dunes, and migrating birds that land in the lagoons of this park to rest from their long journey. This park is home to unique flora and fauna in Cantabria and Spain and, as such, deserves to be recognized and protected. A place that transports anyone to a dream, where the most remote landscapes come together to form a wonder of nature.

Vegetation of Oyambre Natural Park

Vegetation of Oyambre Natural Park. | Shutterstock

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