Typical Spanish Summertime Drinks

There are many Spanish drinks that we can have in the summer. Wine and beer are a couple of the most popular drinks at terrace bars in Spain. However, there are many other typical summertime drinks whose refreshing taste delights everyone who tries them.

Classic Spanish Drinks


Known within and beyond the country’s borders, Spain’s drink of the summer par excellence is sangria. The American TV channel CNN included it among the most delicious drinks in the world, and not for nothing. The combination of wine and fruit is perfect for enjoying the sunshine and beating the heat. Did you know that the European Union restricted the term “sangria” to beverages produced on the Iberian Peninsula?

bebidas españolas

Tinto de verano, pomada and zurracapote

Of course, if we’re talking about Spanish drinks to cool off with, we can’t forget another classic: tinto de verano. This concoction characteristic of Spain is a mixture of wine and soda, and it is one of the most popular drinks when the heat comes on. You can order it at a snack bar on the beach, at a restaurant, or make it yourself at home.

Different regions of Spain also have their own traditional drinks. For example, pomada is typical in Menorca and is made by mixing lemonade with Xoriguer Gin, a variety of gin that is produced in Mahón. This is a popular drink in the summer and during the patron saint festival. It is sometimes served in the form of a slushie. Invented in 1967, the name “pomada” refers to the way the drink fizzes when mixed together.

Another typical Spanish summertime drink is zurracapote, from the province of La Rioja. It is usually prepared in large containers during local festivals. Outside of La Rioja, it is also a popular beverage in Soria, Burgos, Navarre, and the Basque Country. It is made by mixing red wine with fruits like lemon and peach, sugar, and cinnamon. The flavor is achieved by letting it macerate for a few days.

Tinto de verano

Agua de Valencia and rebujitos

Agua de Valencia is another one of the most common summertime drinks in Spain. This cocktail based on champagne or cava, vodka, gin, and orange juice is perfect for the hot weather. The key is using pure orange juice to conserve the flavor. Other similar drinks to keep in mind are Agua de Sevilla (whiskey, cognac, pineapple juice, cava, and Cointreau) and Agua de Murcia, which is served very cold (similar to Agua de Valencia, but it contains lemon juice instead of orange juice).

Andalusia gives us the typical drink of festivals, romerías, and good weather: rebujito. This is a combination of manzanilla or fino wine and a carbonated drink (7 Up) with a touch of peppermint, although each town has its own take on the recipe. It’s perfect for quenching your thirst and very easy to make. The best thing to pair it with is a tapa of ham or fried fish.

bebidas españolas
Agua de Valencia

Non-alcoholic Spanish Drinks

Non-alcoholic Spanish drinks are also great for beating the heat. This, along with their delicious taste, makes them essential for cooling down. Spain is famous for its horchata, a drink made with tiger nuts, sugar, and water from the Valencian Community.

Lemon slushie

If you’re craving something sweet that doesn’t contain alcohol, you can opt for leche merengada, made with milk, egg whites, sugar, and cinnamon. If you have it cold enough, sometimes part of the drink is frozen. Another summertime classic for surviving the high temperatures is a lemon slushie, perfect for little ones (and adults too!) since you can drink it at any time of day.

As you can see, there are many Spanish drinks to try in the summertime, all of them made with high-quality ingredients. Which one is your favorite?

Text: María Jesús Colombo 

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