Traditional Spanish rice recipes

In Spain we have a very wide and tasty cuisine, and the traditional Spanish recipes with rice are a good example of this. From the unmistakable Valencian paella to perhaps lesser-known recipes such as Zamoran style rice. They are laborious recipes but offer spectacular results. There is nothing like preparing typical Spanish rice recipes at home and enjoying the results.

Valencian Paella

Here you have the Valencian paella recipe

There is only one paella, that is for sure. It is a recipe that takes time, with some specific ingredients although, for the most part, easy to find. The Valencian paella, the authentic one, requires some important steps. However, there is nothing like the satisfaction of bringing the great paella to the table and serving the dishes while handing out the coveted socarrat.

Spanish Arroz a Banda


Here you have the arroz a banda recipe

Arroz a banda started out as a fisherman’s recipe, but became popular thanks to its simplicity and taste. To make arroz a banda you only need eight or nine ingredients, including some basics that everyone has in their pantry like salt, olive oil, saffron or sweet paprika. We usually associate the recipes with rice to days like Sundays. However, the truth is that they are hearty dishes that everyone likes, so preparing them any other day is sure to be a good injection of positive energy for anyone.

Baked Rice


Here you have the baked rice recipe

As we have seen, the Valencian Community has almost a monopoly on rice as far as the origin of recipes is concerned. This is also the birthplace of the oven-baked rice, cooked in a clay pot and, as its name suggests, in the oven. It emerged as a way of using the remains of the stew: chickpeas and pork products such as black pudding or chorizo.

Zamoran Style Rice

Photo: Tamorlan

Here you have the Zamoran-style rice recipe

As its name suggests, Zamoran style rice is one of the most popular specialities in restaurants throughout the province of Zamora. The origin of the recipe is humble, as peasants used to prepare it with meat products from the pig slaughter. The rice acquires a red colour characteristic of sweet paprika. For meat lovers, it will be a real pleasure to prepare. The best thing is that it is a recipe that can be served as a main dish.

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