Sourdough Recipe

In order to prepare some baked goods, the recipe for sourdough is necessary. This is a ferment only made of water and flour. It does not contain any other ingredients, except sometimes sugar. The components of the flour itself are used to make the dough rise. It is therefore a traditional yeast culture. The recipe for sourdough is important when making homemade bread, helping to control its acidity. Although it is not difficult to prepare, you do need some time and planning.


  • Wholemeal/whole wheat flour (it can be wheat, rye or oat flour, but it has to be wholemeal), warm water, bread flour, sugar. A glass or plastic bowl is needed.

How to Make It:

1. The quantities will be to your liking according to the amount of sourdough you need. You shall use the same amount of water as flour. In this case, add half a cup of wholemeal flour and put it in the glass bowl. Then pour in half a cup of water at room temperature. Stir it to get a blended mixture. Leave the container covered with a cloth at a room temperature of 20º for a whole day.

2. The glass recipient should be big, as after 24 hours we will add half a cup of bread flour, a teaspoon of sugar and half a cup of water. Mix all the ingredients again and let it rest in the same conditions for another 24 hours.

3. The fermentation will go well when bubbles appear on the surface of the sourdough recipe. Add another half-cup of bread flour and the same amount of water. Blend the ingredients together and leave to rest for another day.

4. On the surface you will see that a liquid has originated which you must remove carefully. To make it even thicker, add half a cup of bread flour, this time without water. The ingredients must be well combined. Again, let it rest for 24 hours.

5. After the last rest, you will have the recipe for sourdough ready, perfect for making different products and dishes like a good homemade bread. Make enough, using half for your recipe and keeping the other half in the fridge.

6. If you want to continue using the culture, you must refresh the dough. If you keep it in the fridge you have to do the process once a week. You only have to leave it at room temperature for half an hour. If it is to be cooked, separate the necessary sourdough before continuing. Then add water equivalent to half the weight of the remaining sourdough and dissolve. Once this is done, add flour, one and a half times the amount of water that has been added, and let it rise before putting it back in the fridge.

Sourdough Recipe

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