Rice Fumet Recipes: Key for a Perfect Paella

The fumet or stock recipes are perfect for preparing a multitude of dishes. For rice dishes, following good fumet recipes is essential. Moreover, this stock can also be used to make soups, creams, stews… Depending on the rice we are going to prepare, it will combine better with one or another preparation.

The best thing is that you can prepare these fumet recipes in advance and then freeze them. This way, the moment you want to cook a rice, you will only have to defrost the stock.

Fumet Recipes: fish

  • Bonito/tuna, hake or monkfish (1/2 head, skins and bones), green pepper (1), spring onion (1/2), carrot (1), leek (2), parsley and salt

This recipe can be used to add flavour to your fish rice dishes and to baked or stewed fish. Start by cleaning the spring onion, leek, green pepper and carrot. Cook these vegetables in a pot of water with a little parsley and add the fish bones.

Continue adding salt to taste and remove any foam that may appear in the water. Leave to cook for at least 20 minutes. After this, take it off the heat. To remove the fish bones and vegetables, strain the stock. The result is one of the tastiest fumet recipes.

Fumet Recipes: seafood

  • Shrimps or prawns (8 heads and shells), olive oil

To prepare this seafood fumet, add a splash of olive oil to a pot over medium heat. Check that it is hot and add the shells and heads for two minutes, stirring constantly. Add a litre of water and let it boil for 20 minutes. When it is ready, take the juice out of the heads and skins by pressing it through a strainer. Then, strain the stock again. Perfect for a seafood rice.

Fumet Recipes: chicken

  • Chicken (2 cases), leek (1), carrot (2), onion (1), pepper, bay leaf or parsley

A chicken stock is ideal for a rice or soup. Peel the carrots, onion and leek, wash them and cut them. Pour water into a high pot and add the vegetables along with the chicken casings.

Raise the heat and let it boil for at least two hours. The foam that appears during this time must be removed from the broth. As in the other fumet recipes, strain the broth to remove the chicken and vegetable pieces. This is one of the most classic fumet recipes, ideal for mixed rice.

Fumet Recipes: vegetables

  • Carrot (2), leek (2), turnip (1), onion (1/2), celery (1), lettuce (2-3 leaves), pepper and salt

In the fumet recipes you can actually try out ingredients that suit your taste. In this case you can make the vegetable stock with these or other ingredients that you have at hand. Start by cleaning and cutting the vegetables and then add them to a pot with a litre of water. Add salt and pepper. Keep it on a low heat after boiling it for an hour and a half. And there you have the fumet.

Our advice

If you want to freeze it in small quantities, you can pour it into an ice bucket so you do not have to use it all.

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