Reinventing the Chicken Wings Recipe

Chicken wings are a very frequent and easy to prepare dish. Baked, fried, with spices, lemon, garlic… They are all great! But it is time to prepare some delicious and different recipes, perfect to take as a snack or eat as a garnish. Do you dare to prepare any?

Chicken Wings with Beer and Honey

chicken wings
  • Chicken wings (10), pepper, rosemary, paprika, honey (1 tbsp), soy sauce (1 dash), beer (200 ml), oil and salt

First clean the wings, take out the tips and split them in two. After this, put the wings in a bowl with the rosemary, paprika, pepper, a little oil and salt to marinate well. Put it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

The next thing is to fry them in a pan with oil. Take them away when the chicken wings are golden. Leave only a little oil in the pan and add the beer, honey and soy sauce. Put the wings back and let the sauce reduce without sticking. Put it on a dish and… Go for it!

Curry Chicken Wings

chicken wings
  • Chicken wings (1.5 kg), curry powder (1/2 tsp), egg (1), black pepper, oil and salt

Depending on how you prepare them, chicken wings can also be healthy. In this case we are going to make them in the oven. Start by washing the chicken wings and removing the tips and feathers. Put them in a bowl, previously seasoned with salt and pepper. Add a dash of olive oil and stir. Place the wings in an oven dish (skin side down). It would be convenient to use baking paper. The oven should be preheated to 200ºC and they will be baked for 40 minutes.

In another bowl beat the egg together with the curry and a pinch of salt. Paint the wings with a brush and leave them in the oven for 10 more minutes.

Our advice: every oven is different, so temperatures can vary. You must be careful not to burn them and be willing to change the temperature and baking time.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings

chicken wings
  • Chicken wings (1 kg), tomato sauce (200 ml), white wine vinegar (100 ml), sugar (3 tbsp), black pepper, salt and olive oil

Clean the chicken wings and place them in an oven dish after seasoning. Mix with the tomato, sugar and vinegar until they are covered by a layer. The oven should be preheated to 190ºC and the baking time is 1 hour. Move the wings from time to time so that they do not stick together. Wings with sweet and sour sauce for everyone!

Text: María Jesús Colombo

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