5 Christmas Starter Recipes with Canned Food

Do not let the Christmas menu bother you, we will help you! If you have to prepare the Christmas starters and you have not thought of anything yet, write down these recipe ideas with canned food. Nowadays, preserves have evolved to bring gourmet and high quality proposals to supermarkets. Whether you are on a tight budget or if cooking is not your thing, with these recipes for Christmas starters you will look like a chef.

1. Pâté with a can of white tuna

Caught in the Cantabrian Sea between June and October, white tuna in olive oil is a quality ingredient for any recipe. Among its main characteristics are its mild flavour, its juicy texture and its tender, white flesh. It is a more exquisite alternative as far as canned light tuna is concerned, ideal for these dates.

Christmas starter: white tuna pâté

To prepare the white tuna pâté recipe we need: a large can of tuna, well drained, a teaspoon of cream cheese, a teaspoon of mayonnaise, a hard-boiled egg, half a teaspoon of ketchup or tomato sauce, pepper and salt

White tuna pâté is made by incorporating all the ingredients in a blender glass and crushing them until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. All the ingredients can also be chopped up very small and stirred by hand with a fork. Keep it in the fridge for a couple of hours. To give it a touch you can accompany some mayonnaise and croutons, as well as decorate the pâté with some sliced olives. 

2. Tomato salad with a can of anchovies from Santoña

Spanish cuisine has genuine gems in the pantry, the result of a long canning tradition. One of the most outstanding products of our cuisine is the anchovy, which is handmade. In this case, the anchovies of Santoña are described by experts as the gold of the Cantabrian Sea. Santoña has been producing its well-known anchovies since 1880. Since then, it has been one of the areas that has produced the most anchovies.

Christmas starter: anchovy salad

To prepare the recipe for tomato and anchovy salad we need: two tomatoes, 12 anchovies, a garlic clove and extra virgin olive oil.

This recipe for a Christmas starter has no more mystery and the results are exquisite. A simple dish full of flavour. Place the thin slices of previously peeled tomatoes on a dish or platter. Place the anchovies on top. Then, chop the garlic and spread it on the plate with a little oil. 

3. Vegetable cream soup with a can of asparagus from Navarre

The asparagus from Navarre has a Designation of Origin and the canned products have evolved so much that they are capable of taking the traditional process to the shelves of our supermarket. They provide many possibilities as a Christmas starter, and thanks to the cans they can be enjoyed at any time of the year. The production area is located in the Ribera del Ebro and is made up of different municipalities in the Autonomous Communities of Navarre, La Rioja and Aragon.

Christmas starter: asparagus cream soup

To make the recipe for vegetable cream soup with a can of asparagus we need: two cans of white asparagus, two leeks, two potatoes, vegetable stock, olive oil, black pepper and salt. 

As a Christmas starter, the cream of asparagus is a good opportunity to make a great lunch or dinner at this time of year, as it is an elegant dish that everyone likes. First you have to remove the outer leaf of the leek, wash it and cut it in half and in slices. Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes. 

Pour a dash of oil into a pot and add the asparagus and the leek; allowing it to cook over a medium heat for 2 minutes. Add the potato and stir. Drain the asparagus and cut it into pieces to put them in the pot. Add salt and pepper and pour in the vegetable stock until the ingredients are covered. When it comes to the boil, lower the heat and leave it to cook for about 20 minutes. Blend with the mixer until you get a homogeneous cream.

4. Deviled eggs with a can of mussels from the Galician Estuaries

Mussels from Galicia have a very good reputation and it is not for nothing. There are cans of pickled mussels made in a traditional way and of great quality, obtained in the Galician estuaries during the months of August and December, when they are larger and have a greater amount of fat. In addition, mussels are one of the most economical and versatile seafoods in the kitchen. They can be used to prepare different recipes, perfect also as a Christmas starter.

Christmas starter: eggs stuffed with mussels

To prepare the recipe for deviled eggs with mussels we need: a can of pickled mussels, four eggs, two spoonfuls of tomato sauce, mayonnaise and a quarter of an onion. 

One of the tastiest and easiest recipes for starters. We start by cooking the eggs. When they are ready, after 12 minutes in boiling water, take them out and peel them when they are cold. Cut them in half lengthwise and put the chopped yolk in a bowl. On the other hand, chop up the previously drained pickled mussels and add them to the bowl together with the yolk and chopped onion. Pour in two spoonfuls of tomato sauce, mix and fill in the eggs. 

Add the mayonnaise with a little of the marinade from the mussels in a glass of mixer and mash. Then, take some of the sauce and cover the eggs.

5. Empanadillas with a can of Andalusian mackerel

The canning activity stands out in Andalusia by using the products that are fished on its coast. Mackerel and frigate tuna have a long tradition in the region. In the beginning, they were made to preserve in good condition that fishing which was seasonal. In this way, the mackerel fillets are covered with sunflower or olive oil to maintain the natural benefits of the fish, obtaining a high quality product. A Christmas starter with which the triumph is assured.

Christmas starter: mackerel-stuffed empanadillas

To make the recipe for empanadillas filled with a can of mackerel we need: wafers of empanadilla dough, two cans of mackerel in olive oil, a boiled egg, 50 g. of green and red pepper, a small onion, two tomatoes, oil, black pepper and salt. 

Heat a frying pan with a splash of oil and chop the onion, peppers, egg and peeled tomato into small pieces. Poach the onion for 5 minutes and then add the peppers. Fry for 15 minutes together with the tomatoes. Add the shredded mackerel, previously drained, to the frying pan. Mix and add the egg. Leave to cool.

When you have your empanadilla dough ready (you can also buy them made in the supermarket), fill each one of them. To prevent them from opening when fried, it is best to close them by brushing them with a little water and sealing them with a fork. It is also possible to bake them, a healthier version for this Christmas starter.

Our advice

There are many canned foods that can be used to make a delicious Christmas starter: cans of gluttony, cans of Piquillo peppers, cans of sardines, cans of tunaTake note of the recipes that we suggest in these articles, perfect to eat any day of the week. 

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