Lemon sorbet, a very refreshing summer drink

Here is our express recipe for Lemon Sorbet. A very refreshing drink for the hottest days of summer. It is also a very traditional recipe that brightens up all Christmas meals in many houses in Spain after the big feasts. Sweet, fresh and delicious to put the icing on the cake on any occasion!

Ingredients for the Lemon Sorbet Recipe:

  • A 1L lemon sorbet tub
  • 1 bottle of Champagne 75cl

How to Make the Sorbet:

  1. Put the ice cream in a bowl 10 minutes before starting to make the sorbet so that it is not too frozen.
  2. Then, add the champagne and mix until smooth and homogeneous and that is it!
  3. Serve the sorbet in your favourite champagne flutes, always stirring before serving in each of the flutes. You will not be able to resist this gourmet delight!

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