Healthy Spanish Recipe: Cocido Madrileño

Fans of stew are in luck. Although we know that it is not the lightest of dishes, the healthy version of cocido madrileño is perfect to eat without any regrets. Although it is usually a dish related to winter, the reality is that it can be prepared at any time of the year. There are many restaurants in Spain where you can eat a good cocido, but preparing it at home according to your preferences is also an excellent idea.

Vegetables will be the great protagonists of this healthy stew from Madrid. The chicken, a perfect match. Besides, this is a healthy and simple to prepare cocido madrileño recipe.


  • Chickpeas (250 g), salted pork bone (1 piece, optional), 1 bone-in chicken breast, potatoes (2), leek (1), a handful of green beans, carrots (3), a pinch of salt and water

How to Make It:

1. For this healthy Madrid stew recipe it is important to let the chickpeas sit in water the night before.

2. When starting to prepare the recipe, it is necessary to drain the water from the chickpeas. The vegetables should be added to a large pot and covered entirely with water (about 2 litres).

3. Add the chicken breast free of fat and the salted bone. Also add the leek previously peeled and cut into several large pieces.

4. Bring them to a boil for 30 minutes until a foam appears in the broth that we will remove. When this time has passed, add the potatoes and the carrots, peeled and cut, as well as the green beans.

5. To make a light cocido madrileño as appetizing as possible, it should be left to simmer for 2-3 hours. In an pressure cooker the time will be reduced considerably to 40 or 20 minutes.

6. When everything is cooked and tender, take out the chicken and the bone. The chicken will be deboned and we will set aside. The vegetables will be kept in another bowl, as well as the chickpeas and the broth.

7. You can also add some noodles as an option to take with the broth, completing the dish even more.

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