Flamenquines from Córdoba Recipe

How delicious the flamenquines from Córdoba are! Today we bring you this traditional recipe from Córdoba, Andalusia. According to a study published by Alejandro Ibáñez, a gastro-archaeologist from the University of Córdoba, flamenquines from Córdoba come specifically from the town of Bujalance, and their origin dates back to the first Christians who lived in the town. It is a historical recipe with many properties, as it combines fresh and cured meat, eggs, bread and olive oil. It is thought that it is called flamenquín because of its stiff and flamenco-like appearance.

The flamenquín from Cordoba par excellence is a roulade of pork loin or ham, Serrano ham and bacon. We are going to prepare a traditional recipe for flamenquines from Córdoba, but it is so popular that we can often find different variations in bars and restaurants: with cooked ham, cheese, peppers

Careful! The flamenquines from Córdoba have nothing to do with the Asturian cachopo, which has beef fillets, Serrano ham and cheese. Nor should we confuse them with the San Jacobo, which is prepared with cooked ham and cheese.


  • Pork fillets (4), Serrano ham(4 slices), bacon (100 gr), flour (100 gr), eggs (2), bread crumbs (200 gr), salt, black pepper and extra virgin olive oil

How to Make It:

  1. To make the traditional recipe for Cordoban flamenquines, we will make them long (between 20 and 30 centimetres).
  2. The fillets of pork ham should be cut very thin so that the flamenquines do not get too thick. You can always hit the fillets with something hard to flatten them.
  3. Add salt and pepper to the fillets to taste.
  4. Spread a slice of Serrano ham on one end and the strip of bacon on the other. After this, roll up in the shape of a roll carefully. Repeat the process until you obtain four flamenquines.
  5. Heat on a high heat in a pan with plenty of olive oil.
  6. It is time to coat the flamenquines from Córdoba. Put the flour, the previously beaten eggs and the breadcrumbs in three containers.
  7. Pass the flamenquines through the flour, the egg and the breadcrumbs, following this order and repeating the process until a second time.
  8. Put the flamenquines from Córdoba to fry starting on the side where they are closed. When they are golden, if the fillet you have used to prepare the recipe is thin, they will be ready.

Our advice

Use paper towels to remove excess oil from Córdoba’s flamenquines.

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