Five Spanish Recipes for Cold Weather

Duvets, blankets, heating, coats… Enough! Would it not be better to keep our stomachs warm? We suggest five Spanish recipes for cold weather. Spoon dishes, vegetables, meat… Everything you need to keep your body with the energy reserves it needs to be active throughout the day. Many times when you get home you just expect to find a warm and tasty plate of food. With these recipes that desire is guaranteed. They are also recipes that you can prepare enough of to eat several days of the week, so go for it!

Cocido montañés (Mountain Stew)

The cocido montañés is a typical recipe from Cantabria, perfect to prepare in cold seasons. Its nutritious ingredients and strong character make it an ideal dish to have for lunch. Blood sausage, pork ribs, bacon, beans, cabbage… The result is a cocido montañés that, due to its caloric contribution, can be eaten as a main dish. If you make a lot of it you can freeze it by portions and keep enjoying it.

Bonito Marmitako

Bonito marmitako is a healthy dish that is full of flavour. Its main ingredients are bonito (tuna), peppers, potatoes, onions and tomatoes. Although it is a recipe that can be prepared in any season, its nature as a stew dish makes it perfect to eat in this cold season. It is usually eaten in the summer, when bonito is caught, but can be prepared with tuna instead. Tuna is a delicious fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help to reduce cholesterol. A perfect alternative.

Lentejas con chorizo (Lentils with Chorizo stew)

An easy recipe to prepare and rich in iron. Despite the fact that different variations of the recipe have reached our tables from the well-known slaughterhouses (with more meat ingredients), its origin is in Ávila. Lentils with chorizo is a stewed dish in which the smell and taste combine to create the perfect formula to keep you warm this winter. If you find it too oily, you can always make the recipe your own and remove the chorizo to include some potatoes as chunks.

Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup is a perfect recipe for the cold seasons. Pumpkin contains very few calories as it consists of almost 90% water. This is why this cream can be eaten as a first course at lunch or as the only one at night, accompanied by a piece of fruit or a yogurt. In addition to its vitamins and minerals, pumpkin will provide your body with an extra dose of fibre. A simple pumpkin soup recipe where vegetables are the star ingredients.

Meatballs in sauce

Who doesn’t want to eat this dish on days when jumpers and coats are not enough? Meatballs in sauce are a very popular recipe anywhere in Spain. These balls of minced meat in tomato sauce are perfect for dipping bread and more bread. My recommendation? Take them with potatoes or even with rice, so that the cereal is soaked in the sauce and the result is unbeatable juiciness. Meatballs in tomato sauce to be eaten alone or accompanied but with a happy heart.

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