Delicious Snacks for Christmas

Christmas Eve is coming, and it is time to think what to cook for your guests. To help you in this complicated task we suggest you seven delicious snacks to impress your diners. These small bites are very easy to cook and won’t take you long time, so you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen worrying about the arriving time. Shall we start?

Blinis with jelly and foie

The recipe belongs to the main image of this post. The ingredients used in it (blinis, blueberry jelly, foie and a bit of jam) can be bought already made, or you can cook it yourself at home. Blinis are small pancakes that you can buy packed in any supermarket. So you can make this recipe delicious you need to use a good quality foie that combined with the jam will be pleasing in your palate. Nevertheless you don’t have to add all the layers, if we remove the jelly the blini is still a delightful snack.

Stuffed peppers with capers and anchovies

To cook this snack we first have to roast the peppers. Once they are roasted we will cut them into big slices and we will include an anchovy, capers and a bit of parsley. Then we will roll them and keep them like this with a still so it can be easy to eat.

Pimientos rellenos de alcaparras y anchoa

"Sobrasada" and quail's eggs toasts

An easy, quick and delicious snack for young and adults. This is the best opportunity to cook using “sobrasada” from Mallorca. Apart of using egg for this recipe we can also add goat’s cheese and caramelized onion. We put it all together and introduce it into the oven to serve it warm.

Tosta de sobrasada y huevo de codorniz

Mini pizzas with mushrooms

In this occasion we wanted to fill the mushrooms with ham and cheese. But there are as well many options more, for example, with chopped seafood; minced beef and cheese; a rehash made of onion and vegetables… use your imagination. The only thing you need to know is that you should use ingredients that allow you to eat with your hands. We are using cheese from La Mancha, where there are some of the best cheeses in Spain.

Pizzas de setas

Courgette with cheese and ham

We will start cooking the cuorgette. Once we have cut it into slices, we will grill them in a pan (if you have a potatoe peeler it will be very easy to slice it). Once the slices are cooked we put on them the cheese and “Serrano” ham with designation of origin from Dehesa de Extremadura, Guijuelo, Huelva, Teruel, Trevélez or Pedroches. If we want the cheese to melt we will put it while the courgette is still in the pan. After this we will include the ham. If we don’t have a good quality ham we can roast it once the rolls are made, but if it is good it could dry and loose the taste.

Rollos de calabacín, queso y jamón

Endives with Cabrales cheese

The endive is another great option to prepare a good and easy snack. In this occasion the filling is made with Cabrales cheese, grapes and nuts, but there are many other possibilities like tuna salad and tomatoes, or salmon and crab. How do you prefer it?

Envidias con queso cabrales

Meat roll with asparagus

Roasted around and around. Firstly we will cook the asparagus and then the meat. You can use the meat you decide, but in this occasion we will use thin lamb sticks cut into slices. You can also add a Pedro Ximenez sauce, or include in the roll cheese or any other ingredient you want.

Rollo de ternera con espárragos

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