Cool and Refreshing Recipes for Everyday Life

Whether it is hot or not, we are already into enjoying those refreshing recipes to dream about on our holidays. What if we make everyday life more entertaining with tasty and easy-to-prepare recipes? They are an all-in-one! These cool and refreshing recipes do not have many ingredients and most of them you will find in your kitchen. You can enjoy them at home or take them to work in a tupperware. Besides, they are healthy and and do not leave that annoying feeling of heaviness caused by other foods.

Cool and Refreshing Recipes: Cold Carrot and Orange Soup

  • Carrots (500 g), oranges (2), chicken broth (1 liter), onion (1), ground pepper and salt

To make this delicious cold carrot and orange soup, we will start by peeling and cutting the carrots and onion into small pieces. After this, we will grate the skin of the oranges and keep it. We squeeze their juice and strain it. In a pot we pour the chicken broth, the grated and the orange juice, the onion and the carrot. Cook for 20 minutes and season with salt and pepper to taste. Shred everything until it is all integrated and homogeneous. To take it cold, put it in the fridge and taste it when you prefer.

Our advice: to ensure that the ingredients are well chopped, we can also crush them before cooking and, again, when we finish.

Cool and Refreshing Recipes: Papas Aliñás

  • New potatoes (1kg), chives or onions (1), tuna (2 cans), vinegar (4 spoons), olive oil (1/2 glass), salt and parsley

This is one of those cool recipes you always want. Typical of Andalusia, papas aliñás are one of the most consumed meals during the hot months. We start by cooking the potatoes (unpeeled) in water with salt. When they are cooked, we peel them while they are still hot, so it will be easy to remove the skin. Put them in a dish, cut them up and mix them with the previously chopped scallions and parsley. Another step is to season them with oil, salt and vinegar. As a final step, we put the tuna on top.

Our advice: you can also serve with three boiled eggs to complete the dish.

Cool and Refreshing Recipes: Zucchini Spaghetti with Salmon

  • Zucchini (3), salmon loin (1), evaporated milk

We wash the zucchini and with a peeler we remove the skin. We peel in sheets and cut each one in three or four strips, imitating spaghetti. In a frying pan with olive oil we sauté the spaghetti until they are golden. Then add the evaporated milk so that they are cooked. It will be enough with 3 minutes. In a different frying pan, grill the salmon and serve it on our zucchini pasta on a plate. Healthy and delicious.

Text: María Jesús Colombo

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