11 recipes to deeply know the Spanish cuisine

From the stews of Asturias and Galicia to the fried foods of the south, passing through the rice dishes of the Levante and Catalonia or the roasts of Castile. Spain is a country to eat it and today we bring together these must-try recipes for you to prepare them from all over the world. These dishes are essential to get to know the Spanish cuisine and immerse ourselves into the flavours of its gastronomy.

Valencian Paella, a gastronomic landmark

Paella cuisine

Paella from Valencia. | Shutterstock

If there is a dish that has crossed our gastronomic borders, beyond the tortilla, it is paella. Whether we are Valencian or not, it is clear that any tourist will immediately identify us with sangria and paella. That’s why it makes sense to start this list with this quintessential rice recipe.

Murcian zarangollo

zarangollo cuisine

Zarangollo. | Shutterstock

Simple and tasty recipe of pure garden flavor, that’s the famous Murcian zarangollo. You don’t need many ingredients or much time to have a healthy dish at home, perfect as a first course or as a tapa. After all, it is a vegetable stir fry with a curious name. It can’t go wrong.

Salmorejo cordobés, who hasn’t tried it yet?


Salmorejo. | Shutterstock

Salmorejo cordobés (there is also salmorejo from the Canary Islands) is one of those essential summer recipes in any Spanish house. Unlike gazpacho, which has a more liquid consistency, salmorejo is more like a cold cream similar to mayonnaise, and depending on its thickness it can even be spread on bread as if it were pâté. Pure flavor and tomato and olive oil.

Pisto manchego, in the heart of Spain


Pisto manchego. | Shutterstcok

Pisto is one of the most traditional dishes we have in Spain. It is a delicious recipe of seasonal vegetables simmered with tomato, there are few people who do not like this great dish. Accompanied with a couple of fried eggs, pisto manchego is a delight.

Stuffed squid from Catalonia’s cuisine

squids cuisine

Stuffed squids. | Shutterstock

A traditional recipe from Catalonia like few others. It is true that it is a somewhat laborious preparation, especially if we have to clean the squid. Following the recipe step by step and with some time, do not hesitate to prepare it. Tasty and stylish. All guests will be left with their mouths open when they see their dish arrive.

Quesada pasiega from the valleys of Cantabria

quesada cuisine

Quesada pasiega. | Shutterstock

Quesada Pasiega is a Cantabrian delicacy that was originally prepared with fresh Pasiego cheese. Its first mentions date back to the 14th century in a preparation similar to what we now know as quesada, found in the ‘Libro del Buen Amor’ (Book of Good Love) by the Archpriest of Hita. A simple way to travel with the flavors of northern Spain.

Patatas revolconas from Ávila, in the mountains of Castile and León

patatas revolconas cuisine

Patatas revolconas. | Shutterstock

Patatas revolconas or meneás is a dish based on mashed potatoes, paprika and bacon typical of Spanish gastronomy, especially in the areas of Avila, Salamanca and Extremadura. The most characteristic feature is the mixture of textures, as it combines the mashed potatoes with the crunchy touch of the torreznos. Pure Castile.

Bartolillos, past and present of Madrid’s cuisine


Bartolillos. | Shutterstock

The bartolillos are triangular pasties, made with a thin dough and fried in oil, which keep in its bosom a pastry cream that spills its sweetness in the mouth of those who are lucky enough to eat it. The bartolillos are one of the best legacies of the old Madrilenian pastries.

Lamb stew, a national recipe

lamb stew

Lamb stew. | Shutterstock

Lamb is one of the most consumed products in our country. The caldereta is the dish most often prepared with lamb. A stew where this wonderful product predominates. Few ingredients are needed for this spectacular recipe that brings the family together at the table.

Gofio escaldado, direct from the Canary Islands cuisine


Gofio escaldado. | Shutterstock

Gofio is a flour made from a mixture of toasted and ground cereals. A very old food, already used by the Guanches. It is a cultural asset in the gastronomy of the Canary Islands and is present in many recipes. In this occasion we are going to cook gofio escaldado, a consistent dish and whose elaboration is very easy.

Fritá of octopus of Formentera, the sea essence in the Balearic Islands


Octopus fritá. | Shutterstock

The octopus fritá is a very typical recipe of the Ibicencan gastronomy and you will be able to find this delicious dish in most restaurants and bars of the island. It is a recipe very easy to cook. In addition, you can find the necessary ingredients to make it in any store or market in your city. An ideal way to get to know the islands through their food.

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