A Delicious Sauce for Every Dish

If you are planning to prepare a juicy, flavorful recipe, sauce often takes a leading role. A bad sauce can ruin a whole dish! And not just because it has been prepared improperly, but because you have actually chosen one that does not match the products in the dish. Here, we show you which sauce to use depending on whether it is meat or fish, pasta, seafood… You will succeed if you are asked for bread to dip in the dish.

Pasta Sauces

salsa pasta

Pasta is one of the recurring items in the kitchen with the highest success rate. Who does not like a good pasta dish! In this case, a good Bolognese sauce can save any meal from unexpected visitors or make the little ones in the house happy. Tomato and beef are always a winner. For this type of sauce we recommend using macaroni.

Another classic is the pesto sauce, with basil, cheese and pine nuts, among other ingredients. Although it is not so popular, its flavor is one of those you either hate or love. Better to prepare it to go with spaghetti. And if you are a fan of spicy, arrabbiata has tomato, chilli and garlic. Only for tough palates.

Fish Sauces

salsa pescados

With fish you have to be very careful, because the wrong choice can ruin a good piece of fish. If you like to play it safe, green sauce is the most used, especially with hake and cod. Besides, it is very easy to prepare. Canarian green mojo is also a good choice if you like it spicy.

If you prefer to innovate, a variant of mayonnaise is the Andalusian sauce, which is also served with meat and seafood. On the other hand, remember that, in order not to fail, you can go for a little salt, parsley, garlic, olive oil and lemon.

Meat Sauces

salsa carnes

Although many meats do not need it, the sauce in everyday dishes and in more elaborate ones like stews can be the key to a perfect meal. Like the sirloin in sherry, which you eat very occasionally but it is impossible to forget.

For cheese lovers a Roquefort or four cheese sauce would be the most suitable. There are also others such as chimichurri sauce, which is tasty and of Argentine origin. Mushroom sauce and black pepper will give your steaks a delicious result.

Seafood and Vegetable Sauces

salsa rosa

Seafood is one of those foods that many of us enjoy without the need for additives. However, a pink sauce is easy to make and very tasty. But don’t be a fool! Escape from the mayonnaise and ketchup mix and prepare a more complete recipe.

Although it is always better to avoid sauces and make them the exception rather than the rule, for those who find their vegetables a little difficult to swallow… This will be a solution to the problem. For example, tartar sauce can be served with stir-fried or baked vegetables and give you that little bit of flavour you sometimes need. Soy sauce of Chinese origin, herb sauce… It is even a way to bring vegetables closer to the little ones in the house (and to those of us who are not so little).

Salad Sauces

salsa ensaladas

Salad is one of the most eaten dishes all year round. Nowadays they are prepared with natural sauces such as yogurt. Caesar is perhaps the best known and its main ingredient is mayonnaise. But where there is a good vinaigrette… let’s get rid of everything else.

It would be impossible to collect all the existing sauces: brava, romesco, tomato, curry, mustard, Aioli, bechamel, Spanish… But you can prepare them gradually and without rushing.

Text: María Jesús Colombo

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