Easy Halloween cupcake ideas

Halloween is the most terrifying night of the year, when your deepest nightmares come to life and… Just kidding! Halloween is the perfect holiday for making delicious cupcakes with fun shapes and colours. Because, who said that it is just for kids?

Take this opportunity to prepare these Halloween cupcake ideas, to share with your friends or surprise your family with a terrifying treat. We eat fear!

Ghost Cupcakes

1. With cream

Boo! Let’s call the ghost hunters! These cupcakes are very easy to make. With chantilly cream, whipped cream, or meringue and the help of a piping bag you can give your cupcake a ghostly shape. You can prepare the eyes by melting white chocolate to give them a round shape. Repeat the process with dark chocolate to create the pupil.

2. With melted chocolate

On parchment paper, using molds with ghost shapes (bought or handmade) pour melted white chocolate. Put it in the fridge. When the chocolate has set, make the eyes and mouth with dark chocolate, also melted, and cool it again. For the ghosts to stick to the cupcake you have to melt chocolate creating a layer over it, and the ghost will stay stuck!

3. With marshmallow

These are even easier! Using a marshmallow you can turn the simplest cupcake into the Halloween star.

Pumpkin Cupcakes

The sweetest pumpkins for Halloween! If you make homemade cupcakes remember to add a few drops of orange or red and yellow food colouring to the dough. Do the same with cream or pastry cream.

To make a pumpkin cupcake, cut off the top of two cupcakes and put the cream between them. For the teeth you can use candy pills, for the eyes you can use fondant and for the tail a chocolate mikado.

Witch Cupcakes

A classic of Halloween, the witches are one of the protagonists of this event. If you create a cone with cardboard, you can easily shape the hat with fondant. Make the details you like!

Bat Cupcakes

If just hearing the word chocolate makes your mouth water, with these bat cupcakes success is guaranteed. For the wings you will need some Oreo cookies (or similar). After creating the chocolate cream layer with the piping bag and placing the eye, cut an Oreo biscuit in half and place it as in the photo.

Mummy Cupcakes

If you do not want to complicate too much but are looking for a nice result, your friends will not be able to resist trying these rich mummy cupcakes. You will only have to make the stripes with cream or white chocolate!


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