August Seasonal Foods

August seasonal foods let us enjoy their best flavor and scent thanks to their optimal maturity. Harvested at their peak, the amount of these goods increases; and therefore, the price of seasonal foods decreases. In order to have a balanced diet, it is essential to eat a variety of foods to supply us with the necessary energy, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins, and minerals. The daily consumption of fruits and vegetables is below the generally recommended; thus, we suggest you to eat more of the following August seasonal food.

August Seasonal Foods: Fruits

July and August share many of their seasonal foods: for instance, melon and watermelon, which are both good to stay adequately nourished and hydrated and to prepare yummy recipes. Avocados are also at their peak, apart from being one of the most complete fruits (high in vitamins, proteins and monounsaturated fats). Spain is a country rich in gastronomy, so much that we would recommend you to try our delicious healthy local products such as Melón de la Mancha, Calanda Peach, Valencian citrus fruits, and Canarian Banana.

Do not forget blackberry, apricot, pineapple, apricot, fig, plum, raspberry, mango, peach, quince, nectarine, saturn peach, pear and watermelon.

August Seasonal Foods: Vegetables

No important changes, since July, with August seasonal vegetables to be noticed. Thus, we would recommend you to buy and eat garlic, watercress, zucchini, pumpkin, green beans, onions, lettuce, turnip, cucumber, radish, pepper (both red and green), beetroot, tomato, carrot and summer spinach.

August Seasonal Foods: Fish and Seafood

There are not main changes in terms of fish either regarding the highlighted fish and seafood from July, so if you are one of thosepeople dreaming of eating a good fish while enjoying a view of the sea, we would recommend you to eat seafood such as shrimps, lobster, brown crab, prawn, scampi or clam. As well as fine fish such as bonito, scorpionfish, sardine and turbot.

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