5 Christmas Treats

December is the Christmas month, which means that it is the month of lights, decorations and above all, loads and loads of illusion. Throughout this month we gather together with the family celebrating great dinners and having treats as desserts. Today we want to list you some of the most famouse Spanish Christmas desserts so you and your whole family, young and adults, can enjoy good, tasty and sweet treats. Which is your favourite one?

Mazipan from Toledo

There is no Christmas without mazipans from Toledo; those that come from Felipe II kingdom who decided to share these treats with the most disadvantaged people during Christmas time. Nowadays they even have designation of origin due to its tasty flavour. Its ingredients, especially almonds and sugar, provide an authentic delicious result that we can find as well filled with different jams. As it is a typical food from Toledo we can find it in this city all over the year, but right now is the best moment to eat this Spanish sweet in any place of the geography of this country.

"Mantecados" from Estepa

If you have kids in your house one of the reasons why they may love Christmas is because of these treats. The “mantecados” from Estepa are some of the most wanted Christmas treats due to its perfect balance of their ingredients: wheat flour, lard and powdered sugar to spread on its surface and decorate it. There are many variations of these “mantecados”: bread rolls of wine, “alfajores” and “polvorones”, using ingredients like olive oil, almonds, coconut, lemon, hazelnuts and wine. Authentic delicacies, toasted on the outside and soft on the inside.


This is the King of Spanish Christmas desserts, of great quality and variety. This food is very representative in Jirona and perfect for any of those people who like soft turrons. Other of these treats that you can’t miss is the delicious turron from Agramunt or Torró d’Agramunt, elaborated with honey and easy to distinguish due to its round shape, sweet flavour due to its honey and sugar ingredients, and its layers divided in wafers. Finally there is the turron from Alicante, the hardest of our selection.

Chocolate truffles

This is the favourite dessert for those people who love chocolate, the perfect choice for a little treat after dinner, even though it is difficult not to repeat. With its bonbon shape, these truffles are made of melted black chocolate, butter, powdered sugar, egg yolk and buttermilk. We use to find it next to Christmas decorations. A great option can be to cook it yourself with the help of your family. Delicious bites!


We come back to Andalusia to try a very representative treat for Christmas but also for Easter Week: “Pestiños”. This fried pastry made of wine and oil and scented with sesame and cinnamon, is an explosion of flavour in our mouth. We don’t know exactly its origin but it is believed that it datesback to the Arab occupation, that is why it is so typical from this place in Spain.

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