Benefits and properties of loquat

Loquat is a poorly known fruit, but indeed full of vitamins. Are you ready to find out the properties and benefits of loquat? The best time to enjoy this acid taste fruit, but fresh is April and May. Its yellow colour and its minerals make it one of those fruits we should know more about.

It has been used because of its skin benefits and to cure sore throat but many other properties have been discovered recently. Loquat is also a low-calorie fruit. So, what are you waiting for to include it in your diet?

Benefits and properties of loquat

Benefits and properties of loquat

Properties and benefits of loquat

  • Excellent vitamin source. This fruit is an excellent source of Vitamin A, the perfect one to get a glowing skin. It is also rich in antioxidants. Furthermore, loquat also has Vitamin C and B6.
  • High potassium content. If you want to control your blood pressure this fruit might be a really healthy option. Its consumption helps to prevent some diseases such as heart attacks.
  • Rich in fiber. Loquat also helps you to keep a regular intestinal transit since it is low in sugars. This means if you want to lose weight and you are hungry between meals… you should take a loquat! Moreover, it will satisfy you.
  • Aids to end with gastritis. Its astringent properties are ideal to treat not only gastritis but also sores and heartburn.
  • For healthy skin. This fruit will be your ally to keep your skin moisturised mainly in summer.
  • Good source of minerals. Loquat holds a large list of minerals: calcium, copper, iron, magnesium,… these all are needed to do some important functions of our body like red blood cells production.

Be careful: Inside the loquat you will find from two to four seeds. We recommend you to pull them out before eating since they are made up with toxic substances. You just need to remove them and the loquat will be ready to eat! Loquat for everyone!

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