The best ice cream parlors in Madrid

Is there a better way to cool off than with ice cream? It is definitely one of the star products during the spring and summer months, and there are more and more options available. The artisanal making returns to put a differentiating point in the final product of this dessert that both children and adults love. Today, we offer a tour of the most tasty Madrid ice cream parlors.


You could say that they are rookies at this ice cream parlor, although they have been open for two years. Carlos and Carmelo, the owners, have managed to innovate and renew this world thanks to a new method of making ice cream. Thus, with the help of two spatulas and a stone lacquer of granite at -20 º, they carry out the process by hand, in front of the client, their order allowing them to mix in toppings and flavors.  The result is a product with unsurpassed creaminess and texture and a small spectacle in front of the consumer. As if this were not enough, they pay special attention to their respect for the environment. Therefore the containers, spoons, napkins and even the wood decorations are recycled and made of biodegradable products. This location has a combination of flavor and responsibility that has few competitors.


Tutti Frutti

Here the ice cream is defined as a true paradise for the palate and, to be honest, taking into account the six decades of master craftsmen who carried it out before them, this is not an exaggeration. Made with traditional recipes, but developing a treat full of innovation, in Tutti Frutti they present more than two hundred flavors of ice cream and sorbets.  Think of a specific flavor and you can have it. If not, it is possible to suggest it and have them make it. Thanks to this, none of their customers are disappointed. Also, it should be mentioned that they only use milk, cream and natural fruits, regardless of other types of fats, for a much healthier result.

Bajo Cero

This is one of the most chic ice cream parlors in Madrid, and after the minimalist decor, with comfortable sofas and perfect lighting, you will find Roberto Torreta and the model Nieves Álvarez. Their ice creams are characterized by contemporary and creative flavors, with a base of quality ingredients and a completely artisanal process. They surprise some with their flavors, like mascarpone with figs macers, the raw almond with Tahitian vanilla, or the petal of roses.  All this is always presented with the highest care, and with a natural ingredients characterized by not including additives. They also have a large assortment of pastries, milkshakes and cocktails. This is a place to enjoy yourself all afternoon and soak up the most daring flavors and the most leisurely and fun atmosphere.

Los Alpes

This is the temple of the gelato makers, and it is presumed to be the oldest ice cream parlor in Madrid. It originiated from Toscada, but from Madrid in heart since it was founded in the years 50. There were eight initial flavors and now already they have a sign with more than 60. The quality is appreciated because of the taste and the color, and by the natural ingredients that come directly from the most famous places. For example, hazelnuts come from the area of Reus; The pistachios of Sicily; The strawberry are ecological; the lemons from Murica,and they get them during the season when they have more juice, flavor and aroma… And same with all their components. An ice cream parlor where knowledge passes from generation to generation, they maintain the essence, quality and taste of the traditional.


For a gourmet experience, this is the perfect place. Recently released in the capital, the Roca brothers have wanted to bring to the general public the sweetest sensations of the restaurant Celler de Can Roca. In this establishment, located in the Gourmet Experience area of El Corte Inglés de Serrano, there are six different flavors that you can combine with 34 different toppings, and thus create an ice cream worthy of the most demanding palates. Its decor, inspired by the world of the chocolate maker Willy Wonka, you move to a more childlike and magical world, where you will not be indifferent. It is a new benchmark in the world of ice cream.

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