The best beach bars in Spain

There’s nothing like relaxing at a beach bar in the summer. And there are all kinds: original, modern, unique…Every beach bar is different and has its own special charm. To refresh yourself and eat something at the beach, take note of this list of some of the best beach bars that you can find in Spain. Which will you add to your bucket list?

Blue Bar, Formentera

chiringuitos de playa
Foto: web Blue Bar

In the Playa de Migjorn, in Formentera, you’ll find one of the most original beach bars. Blue Bar is a beach bar where everything is painted blue and you can take in the beautiful views while enjoying a refreshing cocktail. They also serve Mediterranean food, so it is best to reserve a table in advance during the tourist season.

El Bigotes, Ibiza

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Foto: Ibiza 5 sentidos

In Cala Mastella, you’ll find this rustic and authentic beach bar sitting right next to the water. This establishment is simple, yet full of magic, and it is perfect for enjoying the beautiful views and delicious food. There is not a ton of variety, but their food is delicious. They offer grilled fresh fish and bullit de peix with rice a banda (rice cooked in fish stock). El Bigotes was started by a fisherman with that nickname 40 years ago. They serve fresh fish that the owner caught himself. Currently, this beach bar is managed by his family, and it has become an essential destination in Ibiza.

Iguana, Barcelona

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Foto: Facebook Iguana

The beach bar Iguana is located on the Playa del Prat in Barcelona. It has a very relaxed atmosphere, and it is a great place to relax in comfortable chairs or have something to eat at their tables. Only a few meters from the water, this beach modern beach bar is perfect for ordering something to drink with your friends.

El Dorado, Cádiz

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On the coast of Vejer de la Frontera, you’ll find El Dorado, a beach bar where you can relax and have something to eat. It also has a playground for the younger patrons. The bar provides a generally fun atmosphere with cabanas and bright colors. It also organizes concerts.

Marina Cíes Beach Club, Vigo

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Foto: Facebook Marina Cíes Beach Club

The Beach Club Marina Cíes in Samil combines comfort and the beach. In this elegant beach bar, you’ll find hammocks, fun, and food. Their menu of the day is fairly-priced, which makes it an excellent option for taking a break when the sun is at its strongest.

Playa Alta, Huelva

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Foto: facebook Playa Alta

On Canela Island, you’ll encounter this sweet beach bar that is full of charm that offers tapas and rations, montaditos (a type of sandwich), and dishes for sharing. It is a great option for spending a little while resting during your vacation in one of the most salao beach bars.

Oli Ba Ba, Valencia

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Foto: facebook Oli Ba Ba

Of all the beach bars that we have talked about, this is one of the best. You’ll find it on the Oliva Dos Moáis beach. It is ideal for ordering juices and slushies or sunbathing in the hammocks. Let yourself get carried away by the music in this bar that seems more intimate than most others.

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