Terraces in Madrid

When there is good weather, the sidewalks become terraces and in some local areas new spaces with gardens appear. Today we review some of the best terraces for summer afternoons in Madrid.

El Jardín de Orfila

This intimate and calm space is perfect for spending a peaceful afternoon in downtown Madrid.  In addition to its terrace, surprisingly its architecture, built in 1886 and converted to a hotel, has managed to maintain its essence as far as decoration and styles is concerned. Similar to its surroundings, the menu is refined. It cuisine is based on market cuisine with traditional flavors where ingredients and taste take precedence. Delicacies like the mero salvaje a la plancha or las concurridas zamburiñas (scallops) are some of the main dishes from this mansion. If you are a fan of getting brunch, here you will find one of the best in Madrid.

terrazas madrid hotel jardin orfila


If you are looking for a refined atmosphere that is also informal and lively, this is your terrace. The decorations on this terrace, in Moraleja, invite you to stay and enjoy the summer afternoons and evenings. This space is designed for enjoying the sun at any time of year and any time of day. If you think that chic decoration isn’t enough, its cuisine will not let you down. There is a wide variety of food ranging from delicious potato tortilla to hamburgers (for many, some of the best in the capital) or even to more elaborate dishes like black rice or wild sea bass. Watch the sunset with one of the cocktails from the menu!

terrazas madrid restaurante aspen

El Jardín de Salvador Bachiller

If you love shopping, cuisine and enchanting places, this garden is perfect for you. On the fourth floor of a suitcase store is a small hidden garden with wooden furniture. The garden is filled with plants, flowers and water vaporizers so freshness is guaranteed. If you want to eat in a closed area, on the third floor you will find a perfect area for tea. We suggest not going during peak meal times because this space, formerly a secret, is already very popular.

terrazas madrid jardin salvador bachiller


It is one of the must dos for this summer. Its vertical garden and the rest of its vegetation provide a cool breeze and shade, two essential components in the sizzling Madrid capital. The Arzábal Museum terrace (located in the Reina Sofía) has several entrances, one independent from the museum on Santa Isabel Street.

This terrace is divided into several spaces perfect for any occasion. For those who only want to have a quick drink and a snack, the high tables. For those that want a relaxed lunch or dinner, the lower tables under a reservation. Finally, they have a relaxing place perfect for sampling its menu with combination dishes and afterwork wines. If dinner goes long, there is nothing to worry about because during the night music takes center stage to liven up the final hours of the day. The Álvaro Castellanos and Iván Morales cuisine make their stamp on their restaurants with classics like ham croquettes and eggs with truffles.

terrazas madrid arbabal museo

Warehouse – La Quinta Marqués de Concordia

In the middle of someplace you wouldn’t expect to find a terrace appears one of the most special and popular in Madrid: Warehouse. Its location, in María de Molina Street, in a 19th century mansion makes it a unique place whose spacious terrace is ideal for relaxing in the hustle and bustle of Madrid. But if you add that its cuisine is made with 100% authentic products, so its quality is undeniable, it becomes a perfect paradise. Among the essentials is an Iberian cheese board, paired with its exquisite wine list. In this premium market, you can buy your products and enjoy them at home too.

terrazas madrid warehouse

La terraza de la cocina de San Antón

This terrace is one of the most desired markets by all Madrilenians. It is divided into three different spacesthe terrace, ideal for those who don’t want to lose a ray of the summer sun; the greenhouse for those looking for a climate generated by plants and humidifiers; and finally, the restaurant, a closed space decorated with great taste and glass windows so you don’t lose the details of the surroundings. Whichever place you decide to sit, you will be happy with its market cuisine and refreshing cocktails?

terrazas madrid cocina san anton

Terraza de La Casa Encendida

If you like outdoor cultural areas, this terrace is perfect for you. This terrace is designed to become a summer attraction with large portions of food, beer, handmade ice cream and delicious cocktails. Any time of week is good to visit this terrace, but on the weekends the reasons multiply. On Saturdays, you can enjoy outdoor movies and on Sundays, concerts. All this while watching the beautiful sunset in one of the most multicultural neighborhoods in the capital: Lavapiés. Of course, it is only open from 6 to 9:30pm.

terrazas madrid casa encendida

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