Graus’ Longaniza Day

Graus’ longaniza (Spanish sausage, similar to chorizo) is made with pork and spiced with oregano, nutmeg, thyme, clove, and sometimes wine. This longaniza is well-known in Spain by its quality (it has been awarded the Aragón’s Food Quality Brand). Longaniza is so important in the Spanish culture that it even has a special day in our calendar since 1992.

Today, on Saturday 25th July, Graus (Ribagorza-Huesca) celebrates the Longaniza Day. This festival also celebrates traditional dances, craftwork, and music. The starting shot starts at 9 am, although the real atmosphere does not start until 11 am. Craftsman stands, both new and old, take on more importance and become the best place around to buy a souvenir.

You can also enjoy dances, concerts and other activities that keep the festival at its best until the big moment (the longaniza barbecue) commences at 6 pm.

What other things can you get involved with in this town? For instance, you can wander through Barrichós (the oldest quarter in Graus), which was declared a historic site in 1975. You can also enjoy the history of the place –all the stories that the town hides. Another interesting thing to do is to admire the Virgen de la Peña Basilica, built in a Gothic Reinassance style (it is a good idea to go through its walls). Also, you can enjoy the town’s fascinating Plaza Mayor –considered one of the most beautiful in Aragón because of its arcades with rounded arches and its houses built unequally (façades have different colors). Under its arcades, the town celebrates fairs and market days. When you are here, you will not like missing the Heredia House, whose eaves contains Bible and season allegories, and the Del Barbón House, whose façade is fitted with allegories about arts and science.

Besides, there exist three museum centers that encompass different themes such as the history of the place –where Muslims, Christians and Jews lived.

Apart from Graus’ rich history, its gastronomy will not let you down either. You should definitely try the truffles there, as well as ternasco (suckling lamb) and pork garnished with certificate of origin Sotomanto wine. Do not forget mushrooms if you are around in Fall.

Ribagorza has the perfect environment for nature lovers: its forests and rivers are like a paradise. One hour away from Graus, you can visit Benasque, where you can find Posets-Maladeta Natural Park –where to practice any kind of sport ranging from hiking, cycling, fishing… Just to finish your day, you can relax in the environment offered by Ciria Hotel.

If you are not into sports, you can also visit the Isábean Valley (24 minutes away from Graus), whose cathedral must be highlighted –we would recommend you to take as long as you can wandering through this site. There are also some routes to go through Panillo Mountain Range, Sarrón Valley (with the salt mines in Aguinaliu and the plastering in Juseu, declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

The Longaniza Day is the perfect reason to come by Graus and enjoy all the things this town offers, apart from its wonderful lunchmeat.

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