First Beer Spa in Spain opens in Granada

The first Beer Spa in Spain has opened in the city of Granada. It is the perfect occasion to enjoy beer in every possible way. Beer lovers, it is finally your time! This Beer Spa offers beer baths, body, beauty and facial treatments, as well as massages.

The Beer Spa uses local products such as the famous Alhambra, as well as beauty products elaborated in a lab located in the city.

Beer baths consist on entering in a hot water barrel that contains the components of this beer: yeast, hops and malt. Cinnamon is also found among its ingredients as a natural flavour intensifier. Only 20 minutes inside the barrel are needed to let the ingredients act in the skin. And what about the plans while taking a beer bath? The answer is of course drinking the popular Alhambra beer and trying a traditional tapas. At the end, you will end up revitalized both inside and out.

There are also a sauna and barley bed in the Beer Spa. Thanks to the fresh barley bed, the skin ends up absorbing the extracts from the beer.

The opening of the Spa has been a success, therefore it is expected that other Beer Spas will be opened inside and outside the country. There is no doubt that it is an innovative business model that may attract all kinds of public. What about you? Are you ready to try one of their circuits?

Beer Spa benefits

According to Beer Spa, there are many benefits of taking a beer bath. 

  • Easing of muscle tension
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Prevention of flaccidity
  • Absorption of vitamins
  • Reduction of stress
  • Cleansing of pores
  • Improved blood circulation

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