Patio de la Infanta: a beautiful patio located in Zaragoza

The Patio de la Infanta is an important Renaissance courtyard located at the headquarters of Ibercaja bank in Zaragoza.

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Patio de la Infanta: a beautiful patio located in Zaragoza
Print to the España artística y monumental, by Jenaro Villaamil, 1850.

The Patio de la Infanta is the inner courtyard of the Gabriel Zaporta’s palace, a merchant and banker of the 16th century. This old palace was located between the streets of San Jorge and San Andrés. It had a garden in the back.

Its name dates back to 1785, when the princess María Teresa de Villabriga moved to the palace.

It burst into flames in several occasions and collapsed in 1903. Nevertheless, the Gothic facade and the courtyard were preserved.

Ibercaja bought the courtyard in 1957 in order to set up its main headquarters there.

The whole courtyard is decorated with reliefs. It has two floors. On the one hand, the first one consists on a gallery of columns that hold up a lintel. On the other hand, the second is a gallery with round arches.

Patio de la Infanta
Patio de la Infanta.

Columns of the first floor can be divided into two different parts: lower and upper. The lower has flutings and the upper reliefs as caryatids.

Decoration is mainly concentrated in the lintel and in the continuous frieze as a balustrade of the second floor. The iconographic programme is a reflection of the Humanism at that time. Several interpretations have been given in order to explain them.

Many of them are related to the figure of Charles V, the marriage of Zaporta and Sabina Santángel.

Mythological beings such as griffins and amorettos appear in the iconographic repertory. There are also represented scenes of Heracles’ work (the Nemean lion, the Lernaean Hydra, fighting with Antaeus…).

Patio de la Infanta
Hercules defeating the Nemean lion.

Other mythological elements as the representation of the Three Graces and Cupid also appear. There are also some allusions to famous mistress and Eros.

This iconographic programme makes one think of a space dedicated to love and power. This would fit with the interpretations offered above.

In addition to this repertory, there are representation of civil nature. A series of medallions with the portraits of Augustus, Trajan, Marcus Aurelius, Hadrian, Constantine, Justinian I, Philip III of France, Francis I of France and Ferdinand II of Aragon.

Lastly, it is the portrait of Gabriel Zaporta. The banker is therefore identified with all these illustrious characters.

Patio de la Infanta

Location: C/San Ignacio de Loyola, 16. 50008 Zaragoza.
Phone: +34 976 97 19 26.
Opening times: 

  • Monday to Saturday: 11.00 am to 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm
  • Sunday and bank holidays: 11.00 am to 2.00 pm

Admission fee: general entrance is 2 euros. There is also a reduced fee of 1 euro for people under 18, seniors and Ibercaja clients. Moreover, it is free for children under 12.

Finally, you cannot leave the city without trying its delightful local cuisine.

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