Sleep in Sangüesa – Zangoza

Sleep in Sangüesa – Zangoza

The city of Sangüesa is one of the main heritage ensembles of Navarre; it has a monument in each of its streets in the old town. You can spend half day visiting the whole town. It is essential to look at the impressive Baroque coffered works in the large eaves of the roofs of its palaces in the streets Mayor and Alfonso el Batallador. Visiting the extraordinary church of Santa María La Real is also a must. You can complete your visit with the numerous excursion options. Hiking enthusiasts have the Foz de Lumbier and Arbayún parks at their disposal, while lovers of bird watching are close to the Pitillas lagoon. If after a long day you want to recover your strength and sleep in Sangüesa, keep reading to know our recommendations.

Dónde dormir en Sangüesa
Iglesia de Santiago
Dónde dormir en Sangüesa
Pórtico Iglesia Santa María la Real

There are not a lot of establishments to sleep in Sangüesa. However, the accommodation offer of this town has a great quality and they will cover all your needs. The hotel Yamaguchi is a modern and pleasant establishment. It has 40 rooms perfectly conditioned with WIFI, balcony and private bathrooms. This hotel also has a lot of additional services, the restaurant stands out because it is really famous in the town.

Another option to sleep in Sangüesa is the Beti Jai. It is a hotel decorated in a rustic style that offers rooms of different categories. All of them are well decorated and they have all kind of amenities. Its facilities are of great quality and they are thought to guarantee a memorable stay.

For pilgrims the Albergue de peregrinos de Sangüesa is a really good option. The owners are so kind and they offer homemade breakfast from really early in the morning. It is a comfortable shelter but you should get sure it will be open when you do the Camino.

Dónde dormir en Sangüesa
Hotel Yamaguchi

For those who prefer not sleeping in Sangüesa, you can stay on its surroundings. 5 km away, in Aibar, we recommend the rural hotel Nobles de Navarra. It is located in the heart of this historic medieval town. It is an ideal place to enjoy the nature with a peaceful feeling in a warm and cozy environment. We love the rooms with stone walls, they perfectly match with the rest of the furniture in black wood and the comfortable bed with white sheets. It also have additional services as free parking, free WIFI and they are pet friendly! If you do not want to sleep in Lumbier, this is a really good option, no doubt.

5 km away, in Javier we recommend you staying in Hotel Xabier one of the accommodations with best opinion ratings in the town. It has 45 complete rooms. They are very well decorated with classic style. It also has quality services as restaurant, private parking and some event rooms where you can do some celebrations and private meetings.

Another option to sleep in Javier is the Hotel El Mesón. It is a familiar place with a long professional background. In this establishment there are 8 rooms perfectly conditioned. This accommodation is located not too far away from the main patrimonial attractives in the town. In addition, this hotel offers other services as restaurant and free parking. For us the best part of this hotel are its owners, husband and wife, they are so friendly and they always try to help you in everything you may need.

Dónde dormir en Sangüesa
Hotel Rural Nobles de Navarra
Dónde dormir en Sangüesa
Hotel El Mesón

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