Sleep in Artajona

Sleep in Artajona

Artajona is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Navarre where you can where you can breathe the atmosphere of a town that became a kingdom and whose inhabitants got a reputation for being brave. In this town there is one of the most emblematic and best preserved walled complexes in the province. In addition, you have to visit the church of San Saturnino, the Basilica of Nuestra Señora de Jerusalén and if your getaway coincides with some important festivity in the area you can enjoy the show in which the Roman bells banish upside down. Now, we suggest you the best places to sleep in Artajona if you are planning to stay here.

Vista de El Cerco de Artajona desde el interior
Vista de las murallas desde el interior
Iglesia de San Saturnino en Artajona
Iglesia de San Saturnino

We find a quality offer to sleep in Artajona composed by a few accommodation services of various kinds. The hostel El Cerco is one of the main establishment in the town. It has simple and comfortable rooms. Its services have a really good quality-price ratio and they stand out especially because of its restaurant.

Dónde dormir en Artajona
Hostal El Cerco

As there is not a wide variety of accommodation where to sleep in Artajona, you can also stay in one of the neighbouring towns.

We recommend you to go to Tafalla, 9,7 km away from Artajona, there you will find a lot of options to stay. Our favourite place is the Hotel Hola Tafalla, a modern place located in the heart of the town. The rooms have an avant garde and elegant decoration with light colours. They are so bright and they have safe box, air conditioned, Wi-Fi and private bathroom with all the care products you may need. Another strength is its restaurant where you will be able to enjoy a traditional cuisine with modern touches.

7,3 km away, in Larraga, we can find the four stars Hotel Villa de Larraga. It offers comfortable rooms with balcony, heating system, TV, minibar and private bathroom with care products. The hotel also has some rooms to celebrate weddings and other celebrations.

Another option to solve the problem of sleeping in Artajona, is staying the night in Olite, 18 km away from Artajona.

For us, the best place is the Parador de Olite. It is a majestic building located in one of the main patrimonial points in the town. Its rooms are perfectly integrated on the building architecture. The rooms are complete and comfortable same as the rest of its facilities. There is a good restaurant among other attractives. El Juglar is another hotel that you should take in mind to sleep in Olite. It is a small establishment that has 9 complete rooms individually decorated. It also has quality facilities with a cozy garden with swimming pool. This hotel is prepared to guarantee guests a good stay. The hotel Merindad de Olite has ten personalized outdoor rooms and other quality attractives. It also has complete services, among them, its restaurant out stands because of its traditional cuisine.

Dónde dormir en Artajona
Sercotel Hola Tafalla
Dónde dormir en Artajona
Parador de Olite

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