Sleep in Islas Cíes

Sleep in Islas Cíes

Monteagudo, Faro and San Martiño or de North Island, the Middle Island and the South Island are the three island that integrate this small archipelago at the mouth of the Vigo estuary. Beyond its mythological and historical importance, these islands are important because of their fauna and flora that can be enjoyed while practicing hiking. Here are some options to sleep in Islas Cíes and its surroundings so you can get the best accommodation in the area.

Playa de Rodas

If you are planning to spend more than a day here and you want to sleep in Islas Cíes in order to avoid taking a boat everyday, the only option is camping. The camping to sleep in these islands is located in a unique place. It is considered one of the ecosystems of the Spanish coasts and sea floor. It offers rental tents and plots for hikers who bring their own tent or caravan.

Dónde dormir en Islas Cíes
Tienda de campaña Camping Cíes

There are four options to reach Islas Cíes: from Vigo, Bayona, Moaña or Cangas de Morrazo. In Vigo, we suggest you staying in the Pazo de los Escudos. Its main attraction is its natural environment. This is a really vanguardist and luxurious accommodation. Its facilities are so comfortable, you will be pleased in this place.

In Bayona, the best option is the Parador de Baiona. Maybe for some people this is out of budget, however, it is a perfect opportunity to stay in an old walled fortress. It is surrounded by a pine forest that opens in front of the ocean.

If you are travelling from Moaña, we recommend you the Hotel Spa Bienestar Moaña. It is way cheaper than the previous ones. They offer spa treatments and its Galician restauran is well known on the area, you will enjoy the best Northern cuisine.

Lastly, the Hotel Doade is our favourite in Cangas de Morrazo. It is located just few metres away from the beach and its views are amazing. It is a simple place, so it is perfect if you want to avoid luxury and to be in a calm place.

Dónde dormir en Islas Cíes
Pazo de los Escudos
Dónde dormir en Baiona
Parador de Baiona

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