Sleep in San Romao de Retorta

Sleep in San Romao de Retorta

San Romao de Retorta is a small municipality that has a really wide accommodation offer, specially for pilgrims that are doing the Primitive Camino to recharge your energies and face with more strength the next stage of the Lugo-Melide section. A good touristic atractive is the chapel with Romanesque origins where pilgrims love to take some pictures. If you want to know where to sleep in San Romao de Retorta, in this page we give you some recommendations.

You will feel as if you were at home if you choose to stay in the Albergue de peregrinos San Romás de Retorta because thanks to its small size, makes you feel in a cozy environments thanks also to its owners. The kitchen is so well equipped, ready to prepare any dish you want to cook and recharge your energies after a hard day of the Camino. This is a really good place to sleep in San Romao de Retorta if you are doing the Camino.

If the previous shelter is full, another option to sleep in San Romao de Retorta is the Albergue O Cándido, you won’t regret choosing it to spend the night because the owner is so kind and they offer an excellent meals service. The treatment is so familiar that you will want to repeat on your next Camino.

Dónde dormir en San Romao de Retorta
Albergue de peregrinos San Román de Retorta
Dónde dormir en San Romao de Retorta
Albergue O Cándido

Due to the great absence of accommodation in the area, we recommend you going about 20 km from San Romao de Retorta to Casa Camino Turismo Rural. It is so worth it that you won’t regret commuting there. It is a very well rehabilitated place, careful to the smallest detail, and the owners prepare an ideal dinner and breakfast so you will want to return.

Closer to Lugo is the Hotel Santiago & Spa, it is ideal to relax in its facilities, both the spa and the swimming pool. The price is adequate to the services they offer.

Dónde dormir en San Romao de Retorta
Casa Camino Turismo Rural
Dónde dormir en San Romao de Retorta
Hotel Santiago & Spa

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