Sleep in O Cebreiro

Sleep in O Cebreiro

O Cebreiro is probably one of the most beautiful stages in the Way to Santiago. Because of its natural beauty, its history and also the most attractive option of tourism that offers on its surroundings. The O Courel mountain out stands in the place. We will not give you a lot of information about it because you have all in our specialized page about O Cebreiro. Now, we suggest you the best places to sleep in O Cebreiro.

sierra ocuorel ocebreiro
La Sierra de O Courel

If you wanna live a pure pilgrim experience, specially in this town, you won’t go wrong if you choose the Albergue do Cebreiro. It is a perfect place to sleep in O Cebreiro. You will be able to recharge your energies. Therefore, the next day you’ll start a new stage of the Way to Santiago. Besides, they offer good services supplemented with a correct treatment. You will feel so comfortable in this place.

For the most sophisticated there is the possibility of staying the night in the Hotel O Cebreiro. It is great if you like rural environments. You won’t miss any in its restaurant. The dishes are of great quality. And you won’t be hungry due to the amount of food they serve.

If you don’t have the possibility of staying in any of those accommodations because they were full, we also suggest you another option to sleep in O Cebreiro. In the Mesón Carolo, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a great steak and rest on its cozy rooms.

Dónde dormir en O Cebreiro
Albergue do Cebreiro
Dónde dormir en O Cebreiro
Hotel O Cebreiro

If you choose to sleep in O Cebreiro surroundings, the Albergue Linar do Rei is so close to the town. It is great because of its clean facilities. It has laundry, wifi and a great owner treatment that will make you go back in your next Camino.

4km away, you will be able to stay in the Hostal Rebollal. It is ideal due to its quality-price ratio and the home-cooked food.

Dónde dormir en O Cebreiro
Albergue Linar do Rei
dormir ocebreiro hostal rebollal
Hostal Rebollal

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