Sleep in Fonsagrada

Sleep in Fonsagrada

Fonsegrada is the second stop after entering Galician territory if you are doing the Primitive Way starting in Asturias. This locality has great heritage attractions such as the Chapel of Santa María, where there was a shelter and a fountain, whose name (Fontem Sacra) could be the origin of the place-name of “Fonsagrada”. Another building that deserves to be highlighted is the Real Hospital de Santiago de Montouto. Lastly, the Castillo de Burón, of which only a tower is maintained, which was part of the original construction dating from the 15th century. If you want to sleep in Fonsagrada keep reading because in this page we recommend you the best places.

The first option we recommend you is the Albergue-Pensión Cantábrico Fonsagrada. It is a cozy place with comfortable and clean rooms and copious breakfasts. The lowest floor of the place is reserved for pilgrims. This shelter is located next to the pilgrim’s attention office, so you will be able to consult roads and information of interest to continue with your Camino almost without moving from your resting place.

Our second best option to sleep in Fonsagrada is the Pensión Casa Manolo. It is a correct accommodation also recommended for pilgrims. It is located in a calm place of the town, so you will rest peacefully. And if you want to be always connected… do not worry, it has good WiFi.

Dónde dormir en A Fonsagrada
Albergue Cantábrico Fonsagrada
Dónde dormir en A Fonsagrada
La Pensión Casa Manolo

If you are not doing the Camino and you are interested on a peacefully and natural weekend, we recommend you staying in the Camping A Fonsagrada. This camping is perfect to enjoy the environment. They have the possibility of renting wood bungalows with underfloor heating very well equipped. It is perfect for a gastronomic trip in group, with friends or family.  There is also an option to make hiking trails well signposted. In winter, the area is usually with snow but do not worry, because the access road to the camping is good.

Dónde dormir en A Fonsagrada
Camping A Fonsagrada

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