Sleep in Abadín

Sleep in Abadín

Abadín is a small place to rest, especially for pilgrims, who will be able to recharge their energies before facing the next stage of the Camino to Villalba. As main attraction, this town has the Romanesque church of Santa María de Abadín, where you will be able to enjoy incredible views. There is also the old bridge of Martiñán, a very beaten bridge and well known by the pilgrims. In this page we recommend you our favourite places to sleep in Abadín.

The accommodation offer in Abadín is limited due to its size. However, it is worthwhile to spend the night here due to the tranquility of this municipality. For those who seek a pilgrim environment the Albergue de Gontán is perfect. There you can enjoy its cleanliness and a perfect atmosphere to feel grateful to be a pilgrim. There is no doubt that this is a good place to sleep in Abadín.

If you are looking for a place to sleep a bit more luxurious you can also stay in the Pensión Restaurante Niza, where people stay because of its cuisine, we highlight the steak. If you are a meat lover, this is a mandatory stop. Because they know how to prepare it according to the tastes of the guest or client.

Another option is the Pensión Casa Goas, it is a placid place to rest after a hard day. They have a cafe where you will be able to taste some local wines or meeting local people.

Dónde dormir en Abadín
Albergue Gontam
Dónde dormir Abadín
Pensión Restaurante Niza

Just 2 km away from Abadín it is the Hostal Restaurante Claudio. This place has comfortable rooms and a really good restaurant service where surely you will not be hungry after eating there, due to the large size of the dishes they offer. All the dishes are accompanied by a good presentation and quality.

5 km away from Abadín, you can stay in the Albergue O Xistral, where you will appreciate the good treatment received by the owner. This place is big and it has an outdoors space where you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the environment with your friends.

Dónde dormir en Abadín
Hostal Restaurante Claudio
Dónde dormir en Abadín
Albergue O Xistral

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