Sleep in Sobrado dos Monxes

Sleep in Sobrado dos Monxes

Really close to the border with Lugo, Sobrado was erected over an old Roman camp. In our specialized page about Sobrado dos Monxes we give you information about all the monuments you can visit so you won’t miss any of them. Another interesting alternative are the active tourism options. Now, if you are planning to sleep in Sobrado dos Monxes you have to keep reading.

In general, the accommodation offer in Sobrado dos Monxes is mostly made up of hostels for pilgrims that are doing the Way to Santiago. The best valued place is the Monasterio de Santa María de Sobrado de Monxes. It has a hostel with 22 double rooms and 8 single rooms, and a hostel for pilgrims with 120 beds, showers, kitchens and area of washing machines and dryers. It is important that you book your room or you arrive soon to the town because there are not too many rooms. In summer months, achieving a room can be impossible.

Dónde dormir en Sobrado dos Monxes
Monasterio de Santa Maria Sobrado do Monxes

Another option to sleep in Sobrado dos Monxes is the Albergue Lecer. It is a clean quality hostel that is located in the center of the town. Everything you will find in this accommodation is very functional and it is designed for pilgrims who need to gather strength to continue on their way. The average price per person is 10€ in a shared room. They also have apartments in the town centre with two or three bedrooms. If you are in group, this is a good choice if you prefer more privacy and sharing your rest with less people.

Dónde dormir en Sobrado dos Monxes
Albergue Lecer
Dónde dormir en Sobrado dos Monxes
Albergue Lecer Apartamentos

We didn’t find more accommodations to sleep in Sobrado dos Monxes that are worth noting. Do you know any other place that we should write about? Share with us your opinions on the comments and we will contact with the establishments.

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