Sleep in Pontedeume

Sleep in Pontedeume

Between Coruña and Ferrol, the coastal town of Pontedeume is located. In our specialized page about Pontedeume we give you information about all the monuments you can visit so you won’t miss any of them. Another interesting option is its activities of active tourism. If you are looking for a place to sleep in Pontedeume or its surroundings, keep reading.

We are pretty sure that this place is going to be one of those hotels that once you see it you will want to go there. We are talking about the Casa do Castelo de Andrade, located 7km away from Pontedeume. It is a luxury house because of its rustic decoration, the kindness of its owner, because of its exquisite treatment and the environment in which it is located. The common areas in the house are magic. It has an old library, a living room with chimney and a large window with stunning views. Its breakfast are famous. You will be able to enjoy natural juice, home cooked cookies, freshly made sponge cake and cold meats with tomato. The coffee is made in pot… what else can you ask? It is our first option to sleep in Pontedeume.

Dónde dormir en Pontedeume
Casa do Castelo de Andrade

As second choice we recommend La Suite del Eume, it is a rustic style villa with very good style. The suites are spacious and every detail is perfectly cared. There is a but and it is that the rooms have two beds instead of a king size bed. However, a good point is that there is a restaurant just below the hotel and it is great. If you look for the establishment, it is not advertised as La Suite de Eume but with the name of the restaurant “Cantina del Rio Covés”.

Dónde dormir en Pontedeume
Suite del Eume

Another interesting option is the Pazo da Cruz in Villarmayor, located 15km away from Pontedeume. It is a house built around a wonderful central courtyard. It is a place to enjoy the environment because it is surrounded by a multitude of fields and natural parks. Despite being a highly recommended place, some member of our community of travelers has pointed out that in winter the house is very cold… so it’s better going in spring or summer.

Dónde dormir en Pontedeume
Pazo da Cruz

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