Sleep in Cedeira

Sleep in Cedeira

Cedeira is a seafaring town with one of the most savage landscapes of the community, among these there are some of the highest cliffs in Europe. In your stay in Cedeira, you cannot miss these amazing places, neither the sea landscapes neither the visit to Garita de Herbeira. You are also close to some interesting places as the Estaca de Bares park, the the southernmost point of the Iberian peninsula. If you plan to stay to sleep in Cedeira, in this page we recommend you the best accommodations in the area.

Ermita de San Andrés de Teixido
Banco para ver los acantilados

One of our favourite accommodations in Cedeira is the 3 stars Hotel Herbeira, it is located 5 minutes walking away from the beach. It has nice functional rooms, the decoration is not amazing, but it has excellent views of the sea and the beach. This hotel is designed for surfers because this is a really good area to practice this sport. The hotel has swimming pool and catering service.

Another good place to sleep in Cedeira is the Hostal Meson Leira Antiga. It has quite large and bright rooms. Its bathrooms have all the necessary amenities and the rooms have good views to the mountain and the sea. The hostel has a spa and a wellness center. The hostel restaurant has galician traditional dishes.

Dónde dormir en Cedeira
Hotel Herbeira
Dónde dormir en Cedeira
Hostal Meson Leira Antiga

If you plan staying on the surroundings of Cedeira to know better the area, we recommend staying in Santalla. It is a close to Cedeira village where you can find accommodations as the Casa Rural O Carreiro with 5 different houses; 2 apartments for 2 people, a house for 4 people, another one for 6 people and another one for 8 people. It is a highly recommended place because of the charm of its surroundings and the views on all the houses. What we emphasized the most of this housing is the treatment of the personnel and the owners.

Dónde dormir en Cedeira
Casa Rural O Carreiro

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