Sleep in Balsareny

Guide to sleep in Balsareny

Located on the commercial route that since time immemorial goes along the banks of the Llobregat River, the town of muleteers that was Balsareny is protected by a legendary medieval castle that was a refuge for bandits and the fiercest of the Carlist generals. A population that for centuries has become famous for its insurgents, it is logical that it stands out for its fortifications that are the most interesting thing to see in Balsareny. If you plan to sleep in Balsareny, we recommend that you continue reading to see the suggestions that we offer and so you can find the accommodation that best suits your needs and preferences.

Dónde dormir en Balsareny
Castillo de Balsareny

The hotel offer to sleep in Balsareny is somewhat scarce, but we will recommend the best accommodations so you can get to know what you can find. The first one we will mention are the El Racó de les Voltes apartments, which are located in a traditional farmhouse, very well decorated with stone walls and very neutral colors. Everything that comprises the house is built respecting the structure of this, the shower is embedded in the stone wall for example, something that gives the house a special charm.

Another one that we want to mention is the Puig de Vilapost, which is another house of the style, but less modern than the previous one, has something more classic in its essence that invites you to take a trip with family or friends. It is quite spacious and the common areas such as the living room are quite spacious. It is in the middle of the field and has a fairly large pool.

Dónde dormir en Balsareny
El Racó de les Voltes
Dónde dormir en Balsareny
Puig de Vilapost

If you are looking for a place to stay around Balsareny so that you know better the area, we recommend you to visit Manresa, a few kilometers from Balsareny. You can find the Hotel 1948 of 3 stars, which is a very simple and functional hotel. Try to have a modern style that is somewhat short, missing details to polish but is presented as a very cozy accommodation and is also in the center of the town.

Dónde dormir en Manresa
Hotel 1948

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