Sleep in Arenys de Mar

Guide to sleep in Arenys de Mar

Arenys de Mar is a small town located in the Maresme well known for its fishing port, one of the most active of the Barcelona coast. Its environment has spectacular beaches. This fishing village is a popular place where people come from all over the coast on weekends; because it is one of the most interesting and best preserved of the Barcelona coast. If you plan to sleep in Arenys de Mar, we recommend that you continue reading to see the suggestions that we propose and so you can find the accommodation that best suits your needs and preferences.

Dónde dormir en Arenys de Mar
Casa Consistorial
Dónde dormir en Arenys de Mar

One of the accommodations that we want to recommend to sleep in Arenys de Mar is the Vila Arenys Hotel, a very elegant establishment that is decorated with dark woods and large windows and windows that illuminate the rooms. Breakfast is very good in terms of quality and quantity. The hotel has a small rooftop pool. The rooms follow the black wood lines of the rest of the hotel and are very modern and clean.

Another of the accommodations worthy of mention for Arenys de Mar is the Hotel Sa Voga, a hotel that is quite focused on the family as a guest. It is an old building that has been renovated respecting its old structure. It is an establishment in which good taste is breathed, without anything that goes beyond what is established and without inconsistencies. Guests appreciate the breakfast at this hotel.

Dónde dormir en Arenys de Mar
Vila Arenys Hotel
Dónde dormir en Arenys de Mar
Sa Voga

If you are looking for accommodation in the surroundings of Arenys de Mar because you want to get to know the area better, we recommend you to do it in Canet de Mar. There you will find the Camping Globo Rojo, which offers bungalows with 2 bedrooms for 5 people. These are very modern bungalows, well equipped and quite well decorated to be the type of accommodation that is. The most beautiful thing is the surroundings, very close to the beach, where you can surf or just relax. Anyway, the campsite has a swimming pool.

Dónde dormir en Canet de Mar
Camping Globo Rojo

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