Sleep in Tordesillas

Sleep in Tordesillas

Tordesillas is a historical town and nowadays it’s very popular for its Plaza Mayor and for the Royal Convent of Santa Clara, an old Mudejar palace. You can visit it in a day or spend the night there.

Here are the best places to stay in Tordesillas.

Plaza Mayor de Tordesillas.
Convento de Santa Clara, Tordesillas.

The Hotel Torre de Sila is a well-equipped hotel located in the historical center of Tordesillas. The service is excellent, the decoration is modern and the rooms are very comfortable.

A little further from the city center, on the other side of the river, we find the Hotel Parador de Tordesillas, with a lot of amenities, including a heated swimming pool, a sauna, a steambath, a gym and a garden. The building is beautiful and lovingly restored.

The Hotel El Tratado is more simple, but also strongly recommended. The rooms are fashionable, with a rustic touch that makes them special. It’s a good option to stay in Tordesillas because it’s located in the city center and it’s a value for money hotel. The restaurant serves fresh food (depending on the season) and homemade desserts.

Dónde dormir en Tordesillas
Hotel Torre de Sila
Dónde dormir en Tordesillas
Parador de Tordesillas

If you can’t stay in Tordesillas, we offer you the possibility of staying in the Hotel Resort El Montico. This hotel has many leisure areas, including a bar specialized in cocktails and grilled meat. And for the little ones there’s a game area. The reception is always available to provide information.

A little further from the town we find the Hotel La Torre, with a simple decoration but a good location. In the restaurant you can have a personalized menu.

dónde dormir en Tordesillas
Hotel Resort El Montico
dónde dormir en Tordesillas
Hotel La Torre

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