Sleep in Berlanga de Duero

Sleep in Berlanga de Duero

This village of the “Desert of the Duero” began as a lordship of the Cid Campeador, after several infants of Castile, until the Tovar and Frías enlarged it in the XV and XVI centuries with the imposing buildings that can be visited today. Nearby is the extraordinary Mozarabic chapel of San Baudelio.

If you plan to stay in Berlanga de Duero, here are our suggestions.

First of all, we would like to recommend the Hotel Rural Villa de Berlanga. It’s a central accommodation, near the collegiate church. The rooms have a modern and chic decoration and there are a bar, a restaurant and a solarium. The family room has two independent spaces connected with a bathroom and the hall has beautiful views on the castle.

Near the banks of the Duero river we find the Hotel Las Casas de Pandreula, with all kinds of rooms. The Junior Suites have a whirlpool bath and showers. The location of this hotel is ideal for outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling or paintball. Guests love the views on the Plaza Mayor.

And last, but not least, the Hotel Fray Tomás, a XV century palace located in the historical center. The rooms have a warm decoration and views on the castle. The wines and the typical dishes of the restaurant Casa Vallecas are worthwhile.

Dónde dormir en berlanga de duero
Hotel Rural Villa de Berlanga
Dónde dormir en berlanga de duero
Hotel Las Casas de Pandreula

If you are not interested in staying in Berlanga de Duero, in Fuentelpuerco, a few km from the village, you will find the Casa Soria. It’s a three double bedrooms house for up to 6 people. It’s a modest house but it has anything you need.

donde dormir en berlanga de duero
Casa Soria

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