Sleep in Prádena y Cueva de los Enebralejos

Sleep in Prádena y Cueva de los Enebralejos

The tourism in this area is based on the adventure travel, explained in detail in our web.

Moreover, this place is also visited because of the Enebralejos Cave, a mass burial site in the past and a historical center in the prehistory.

We selected for you the best places to stay in Prádena, to make your trip unbelievable.

Dónde dormir en Prádena
Cueva de los Enebralejos
Dónde dormir en Prádena
Poblado Primitivo

The most common places to spend the night in Prádena are rural. The most recommendable is the Rural Sierra de Prádena, a quality, simple and nice rural house, with kind owners. Despite being rural, the decoration of the rooms has a modern touch, with attention to even the smallest detail.

You could also stay at the Casa Rural Las Praderas, a rural house with an outdoor patio well-decorated and well-equipped, the perfect place to have a good time with your people. The interior is also well-decorated and in the hall you can play pool.

And last, but not least, the Casa Rural La Luz de la Sierra, a friendly place with a kind owner. The jacuzzi stands out and it’s perfect to relax after a tough journey.

Dónde dormir en Prádena
Casa Rural Sierra de Prádena
Dónde dormir en Prádena
Casa Rural Las Praderas

If you don’t have the possibility to stay in Prádena, there are other rural houses in the surroundings.

We suggest La Cija y La Tena de Casla, a wonderful place located in a natural environment. The interior is perfectly furnished and very clean. It certainly is a great place to enjoy your trip.

Another option could be La Estrella Polar, distributed in three houses and perfectly equipped. It has a friendly decoration and the typical architecture of the area, in wood and stone. The best thing is the kitchen area, with all kinds of stuff to prepare all the dishes you want.

Dónde dormir en Prádena
La Cija y La Tena de Casla
Dónde dormir en Prádena
La Estrella Polar

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