Sleep in Sierra de Béjar – La Covatilla

Sleep in Sierra de Béjar - La Covatilla

The Sierra de Béjar – La Covatilla ski resort was built in 2001 and it’s located in the Central System. It’s one of the main attractions of the area and a point of reference for Spanish and Portuguese skiers. It has 20 km of ski area, diveded in 24 ski slopes, at altitudes from 1995 to 2369 metres (Canchal Negro). There are restaurants, ski schools, sports equipment hire and a snowpark.

During the summer it is used for many activities such as hiking, mountaineering or cycling. You can combine these activities with a cultural visit.

If you plan to stay in Sierra de Béjar – La Covatilla, here are our suggestions.

Unfortunately, there are no places to stay in the Sierra de Béjar – La Covatilla ski resort. Despite this, there are many accommodations in its surrounding area.

The Casa Sierra is located in the neighbouring village of Candelario. It’s an independent apartment with a terrace and a private parking lot. It’s a modest accommodation with everything you need to stay well.

The rural house La Covatilla III is located in La Hoya, 10 km from the Sierra de Béjar – La Covatilla ski resort. It’s a traditional house with stone and wood finishings. The house is very comfortable and you will rest well. There are a football pitch and a basketball court next door.

Dónde dormir en Sierra de Béjar
Casa Sierra
Dónde dormir en Sierra de Béjar
Casa Rural La Covatilla III

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