Sleep in Ciudad Rodrigo

Sleep in Ciudad Rodrigo

Ciudad Rodrigo was refounded by Rodrigo González and was a place of great historical significance. Its main attractions are the Carnival, the Semana Santa, the Holy Week, the bullfighting and its cuisine (the meneás potatoes and the chanfaina). It is also known for its Town Hall square, its Cathedral, its impressive walls and for the many noble palaces.

If you plan to stay in Ciudad Rodrigo, here are our suggestions.

There are many different accommodations in Ciudad Rodrigo. One of the best is the Hotel Conde Rodrigo II, a historic hotel where most of the canons of the Cathedral lived. It has 45 complete rooms decorated in Castilian style, each one with a private bathroom. In the summer you can have a drink in the terrace of its Gastro Bar Entrecopas or have dinner in its Snack Jardín, with live music. In the exclusive Conde Rodrigo Club Sol you can rest on hammock or you can have a massage, for an additional fee.

The Parador Ciudad Rodrigo is a 14th-century ivy-covered castle with a dramatic setting overlooking the valley of the River Águeda and the Campo Charro countryside. The rooms are a little small but nice and the buffet breakfast is tasty. It is a very good value for money hotel.

Dónde dormir en Ciudad Rodrigo
Hotel Conde Rodrigo l
Dónde dormir en Ciudad Rodrigo
Hotel Conde Rodrigo ll

The village of Sanjuenjo is very close to Ciudad Rodrigo. There you will find the rural house San Blas, a modest but clean accommodation. The interiors are white and in the garden there is barbecue to cook outdoor.

dónde dormir en Ciudad Rodrigo
Casa Rural San Blas

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