Sleep in Frómista

Sleep in Frómista

Frómista is a special stop in the Way to Santiago, in this town you can visit one of the most important and most known in the world architecture Romanesque work. It has inspired several future architects. We also find the San Martín de Frómista cathedral, this is a must see in the town. In our specialized page about Frómista, we give you all the information. If you keep reading, we suggest you the best places to sleep in Frómista if you are planning to stay here.

The Hotel Doña Mayor has a modern and cozy decoration. You can spend some wonderful days for a really good price. Each room is decorated in a special way and its reception is open 24 hours. Its restaurant has home-cooked food, so you will be able to taste local dishes.

In the Hotel San Martín you stay will be wonderful. It has clean, new and large rooms where you can rest. The quality-price ratio is great and its restaurant is worth it despite of its price.

For pilgrims we recommend the Albergue Estrella del Camino, it is one of the best hostels you will find on your Way to Santiago. The staff treatment is impeccable, they make you feel as if you were at home. Its facilities are also great.

Dónde dormir en Frómista
Hotel Doña Mayor
Dónde dormir en Frómista
Hotel San Martín

Around 4 km away, in Campos, there are two different accommodations. The first one is the Hotel Amanecer de Campos. It has a lot of details in its facilities. The design is modern and practical and the dining room offers you beautiful views of the garden. They offer bicycle renting, ideal for getting around the area.

Also in Campos, we find the Albergue Municipal. It has all the necessary services to satisfy pilgrims. The best part of this place is its price and the schedule.

Dónde dormir en Frómista
Hotel Amanecer de Campos
Dónde dormir en Frómista
Albergue Municipal de Campos

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