Sleep in Saldaña

Sleep in Saldaña

Saldaña is a place full of history, formerly very important for its Counts and their legacy. Its most visited attractions are the Duques del Infantado Castle, the Marqués de La Valdavia Palace and the castle ruins.

If you plan to stay in Saldaña, here are our suggestions.

The best place to stay in Saldaña is the Hotel Rural Villarromana, located in a natural environment with many species of flora and fauna. The rooms are quite spacious and comfortable, with views on the countryside. The hall has a fireplace and a DVD player, perfect to have fun with your friends in the coldest nights.

The Hostal El Marqués is recommended by our fans for its comfortable rooms and the hydromassage shower. It’s one of our first options to stay in Saldaña.

The Casa Rural Plaza Vieja is a two floor house, with a well decorated living room and a nice kitchen full of kitchenware.

Dónde dormir en Saldaña
Hotel Rural Villarromana
Dónde dormir en Saldaña
Hostal El Marqués

5 km from Saldaña we find the Finca El Moral, a very spacious rural house, perfect for groups. The pool and the dining room stand out, giving you the possibility to cook for many people.

The Casa Rural La Ruina de Villapún is located very close to Saldaña. Despite its name, it’s a quality rural house. It is located in a natural environment, perfect to enjoy outdoor activities. The decoration is typically Castilian and you will feel like a resident.

Dónde dormir en Saldaña
Casa Rural La Ruina de Villapún

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