Sleep in Ponferrada

Sleep in Ponferrada

Ponferrada, El Bierzo capital, is located between the Sil and Boeza rivers. Its name comes from the bridge under the Templar castle. This bridge was built for the pilgrims. The Castillo de los Templarios (Templar castle) is the sign of identity of the town. This is the last town before entering Galicia. If you are looking for a place to sleep in Ponferrada, we suggest you some accommodations.

The first accommodation we are going to recommend you is the Hotel Aroi Bierzo Plaza, it is located in the heart of the old town. It has three noble houses recently restored and conditioned for the needs of current guests. It is a good option for both leisure travellers and pilgrims. It has 34 rooms with simple design. You can also stay in the Aroi Ponferrada it is from the same hotel chain but it is more modern. It is located in a 5 floor building really close to the Avenida de España (Spain Avenue).

In Ponferrada’s commercial district and really close to the Castillo de los Templarios, you can stay in the Hotel Ponferrada Plaza, it has 40 rooms and services as gym or event rooms until 1000 people. In the restaurant they have dishes made with the best products of the season and the breakfast is nice but not too varied.

Dónde dormir en Ponferrada
Hotel Aroi Bierzo Plaza
Dónde dormir en Ponferrada
Aroi Ponferrada

It does not matter where you are staying in Ponferrada, you will be well located because it is a small town. If you want to stay on its surroundings, we recommend you the Hotel Valle del Silencio in San Esteban de Valdueza, a few kilometres away from Ponferrada in a natural and relaxing environment. This accommodation is perfect to disconnect.

Dónde dormir en Ponferrada
Hotel Valle del Silencio

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