Sleep in La Bañeza

La Bañeza

Communications hub, commercial center south of Leon and capital of the region known as “Tierras de la Bañeza”. A lot of pilgrims go through this village on their Way to Santiago by the Silver Way on the 26th stage and they look for a place to stay around Bañeza. But this is a town with a lot of interesting places as the San Salvador Monastery or the Interpretation Center of Bañezanas’ lands. Now, we suggest you the best places to sleep in La Bañeza if you are planning to stay here

Iglesia de Santa María de La Bañeza
Church of Santa María de La Bañeza
Fotografía antigua de la Plaza Mayor de La Bañeza
Old photograph of the Plaza Mayor of La Bañeza

Places to see in La Bañeza

If you visit La Bañeza you can start with the origin of the town: the Monastery of San Salvador (from the 9th century). There are hardly any original remains on the hillock on the outskirts where it was built. However, the remains of the Romanesque apse of the Church of San Salvador are still visible.

At the end of the 20th century most of the old buildings were renovated and new ones were erected. For example, in Calle de Astorga and in the Plaza Mayor de la Bañeza there are many typical houses with arcades and viewpoints. In the latter stands the Town Hall, in a corner, and the Church of Santa María (16th and 18th centuries).

Plaza Mayor in La Bañeza
Plaza Mayor in La Bañeza
San Salvador Church in La Bañeza
San Salvador Church in La Bañeza

A good visit to understand the local idiosyncrasy is led by the Centro de Interpretación de las Tierras Bañezanas, CITBA. It is located in the old flour factory “La Única”, with its old restored machines.

On the other hand, the Museum of the Alhaja in Villa de la Plata is located in a modernist building that has been renovated. It contains a complete collection of costumes, footwear, clothing accessories and typical jewellery from the 18th and 20th centuries. The Museo de Imaginería is another remarkable space to see in La Bañeza. It is located in a building owned by the Cofradía de Jesús Nazareno (Brotherhood of Jesus of Nazareth) and contains a good number of Easter scenes.

Our first recommendation to sleep in La Bañeza is the APH Infanta Mercedes, because it is 2 minutes away from the town center and it has all you can need. Every morning there is a continental breakfast on its café. Right outside the apartment, there is a big street full of shops and bars. The apartments have an enormous daybed where can sleep until 4 people.

The Hospedería Vía de la Plata is a recommended accommodation in La Bañeza. It is located in the heart of the town and it is known because of its restaurant, if you go, you should taste the cocido and the frog’s legs.

Dónde dormir en La Bañeza
APH Infanta Mercedes
Dónde dormir en La Bañeza
Hospedería Via de la Plata

A highly recommended place to stay 5 km away from La Bañeza is the Señorío de Los Bazán in Palacios de Valduerna. It is a rural hotel located in a calm environment on the Teleno Mountains slopes. It has 3 duplex apartments with independent entrance and 8 outside rooms with balcony or terrace, one of them has a hydromassage bathtub.

Dónde dormir en La Bañeza
Señoría de los Bazán

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