Sleep in Santo Domingo de Silos

Sleep in Santo Domingo de Silos

We are in Santo Domingo de Silos. This town has this name because of a Benedictine monastery. A great part of the tourism in this place is attracted by the Gregorian canticles of the monks who live in the monastery.

If you want to know the history of this place, we have a specialized page about it. Staying in Santo Domingo de Silos is easy if you follow our suggestions.

The Hotel Tres Coronas is and old palauet with Castilian baroque style from the 18th century. It has large rooms, without big luxuries but they match the expectations of an accommodation like this. It has restrained and classical style.

Our second recommendation is the Hotel Santo domingo de Silos. This hotel has had many extensions and general improvements. Due to this, it has two different parts, the hostel and the hotel with better rooms. We recommend you booking on the hotel. The location is really good, because it is right next to the monastery. This is a 3 stars hotel with a really classic style. The staff and personnel treatment is good, but breakfasts are a little poor.

Dónde dormir en Santo Domingo de Silos
Hotel Tres Coronas
Dónde dormir en Santo Domingo de Silos
Hotel Santo Domingo de Silos

If you are not satisfied with the options we suggested in Santo Domingo de Silos and you are looking for something different, some kilometres away from this town there is an incredible place.

It is located 4 kilometres away from Santo Domingo de Silos downtown. We recommend you staying in Convento de San Francisco. It is an old Franciscan monastery renovated with simple, large and stark rooms. It is a haven of peace in the Romanesque route.

The dining schedule is coordinated with the Silos Monastery to make it easier to go to the religious services.

Dónde dormir en Santo Domingo de Silos
Convento de San Francisco

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