Sleep in San Juan de Ortega

Sleep in San Juan de Ortega

San Juan de Ortega is a village of Burgos known for being one of the stops of the French Way to Santiago. This place is the home of the Monastery of San Juan de Ortega, where the church of San Juan de Ortega and the chapel of San Nicolás are located. There is not a huge hotel offer in San Juan de Ortega, but we are going to tell you the best options of places where you can spend the night at in here. If you are interested in the gastronomy of the region, we also have a section with the best restaurants and bars from San Juan de Ortega and its surroundings.

The accommodation we find here is the Rural Hotel La Henera, located close to the Sanctuary and the Monastery of San Juan de Ortega. The Way to Santiago passes by the door of this rustic and simple hotel. The cottage has 10 double rooms with bathroom and 5 different floors. There’s a television and also a coffee machine in the living room. The owners of the hotel also have a bar only 100 meters away, where they serve delicious breakfasts. There is a public hostel, property of the Archbishopric of Burgos, which is another economical option if you want to do the Way to Santiago and stop in San Juan de Ortega to spend the night. It is recommendable to get there early, as the beds get filled quickly and you will need to rest after your long walk.

dónde dormir en san juan de ortega
Hotel Rural La Henera exterior
dónde dormir en san juan de ortega
Hotel Rural La Henera habitación doble

As the offer of hotels and cottages to sleep in San Juan de Ortega is limited, we suggest you to visit other villages. The closest option if Villafranca Montes de Oca, which is located 20km away. A little bit further away from San Juan de Ortega you will find Briviesca, at the north of the region.

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