Sleep in Orbaneja del Castillo

Sleep in Orbaneja del Castillo

Orbaneja del Castillo is a locality from Burgos to which tourists from all over Spain come to visit its natural environment. It has a very diverse fauna and the Ebro rives has created one of the most curious gorges of our country. The environment is very rural and it is perfect for a tric with your couple, friends or family. if you want to know Orbaneja del Castillo in a deeper way, we have prepared a web so you can plan your trip without missing anything important. In addition there is a whole guide of restaurants so you can try the typical productos of the area.

dónde dormir en orbaneja del castillo
Panorámica Orbaneja Castillo
Dónde dormir en Orbaneja del Castillo
Entorno Orbaneja del Castillo

Once you are familiar with the area, it is very important to know where to sleep in Orbaneja del castillo to have a perfect experience in this town.

One of the most famous hotels is the Hotel Rural La Puebla, located in the highest part of the town so it is necessary to climb a hill to reach the hotel. It is a very rustic and cozy establishment that has very well equiped rooms: WiFi, heating, TV, etc. Some of the rooms have a terrace and impressive views to the mountain and river. As we have been told, food and breakfast are amazing.

Very nearby, we find the Touristic Apartments La Puebla, another option to sleep in Orbaneja del Castillo. It is perfect for those who want the independence and comodity of an apartment in the mountain. They are fully equiped with TV, kitchen, microwave, fridge, toaster… everything you need to feel at home. Its views over the river are great as well.

Dónde dormir en Orbaneja del Castillo
Hotel La Puebla
Dónde dormir en Orbaneja del Castillo
Apartamentos turísticos La Puebla

Given the fact that there are not many hotels to sleep in Orbaneja del Castillo, you can also sleep in the towns nearby. There are places such as Escalada where there are more options.

In Escalada we stand out the Hotel Rural la Casona de Escalada. They told us that the owner explains you the history of the place. It has a lot of charm and its walls are of stone. It is a a perfect place to go with your couple and is great when we are looking for a romantic hotel to spend a night or two during a weekend.

Dónde dormir en Orbaneja del Castillo
Hotel Rural la Casona de Escala

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