Sleep in Piedrahita

Sleep in Piedrahita

Piedrahita has historically been linked to the House of Alba de Tormes, for its history in the world of painting and for the political intrigue of two centuries ago. It’s a very popular destination on holiday periods and its main points of interest are the Plaza de España and the amazing Palace of the Dukes of Alba.

If you want to stay in Piedrahita, here are our suggestions.

Campanario de la Iglesia de la Asunción
Dónde dormir en Piedrahita
Panorámica antigua de Piedrahita, con el Palacio Ducal al fondo

Our favourite place in Piedrahita is the Posada Doña Cayetana, a bed and breakfast located in the main square of the village and a good place to start a trip. 35 km from it you will find the Jerte Valley and it’s only 1 hour from Salamanca or Ávila. La Posada preserves the rustic essence in its furniture and the decoration is simple. The restaurant is good and we suggest you to taste the judiones and the chuletón. You can also have a vegetarian option.

The Hostal Gran Duque is a two star hostel and it’s a good choice if you’re looking for comfort and amenities. Moreover, it is very central and the beds are extremely comfortable, as their customers say. The breakfast is OK.

Dónde dormir en Piedrahita
Posada Doña Cayetana
Dónde dormir en Piedrahita
Hostal Gran Duque

7 km from Piedrahita, in Hoyorredondo, we find the small rural hotel La Trocha de Hoyorredondo, with wooden roofs and stone walls. It’s for up to 20 people and it has common areas, a big hall with a book collection and a terrace. Pets are not allowed. Live music events are usually held in the hotel.

Dónde dormir en Piedrahita
La Trocha de Hoyorredondo

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